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What a week! Red and gold leaves fell on green freshly mowed grass, then snowflakes topped it with a white crystal layer. Standing in my living room, looking out the front window at the swirling, lacy snowflakes is like standing inside a glass snow-globe’s village. It’s a warm and peaceful feeling and I’m and grateful for the water supply increasing in the surrounding mountains.

More veterans have come to our attention, so we would like to thank the following for their service: Wayne Brown, 95, served in the Navy, during World War II, on the transport ship “Truesdale,” then onto another bound for Formosa (now Taiwan); Reid Carlson, National Guard, Preston, served as captain for seven years. He joined the National Guard while a senior in high school in 1961 and retired as a major in 1986; LaMonte Boyd Hyde served in the Navy in the 1960’s; his brother Reggie Hyde was in the Marine Corps during Vietnam; another brother Robert (Bob) F. Hyde was in the Army during Vietnam; their father LaMonte Hyde was a medic in World War II; Dennis Jensen, served in the Army during Vietnam, and received the Purple Heart; Bruce Kidd has served in the Air Force, Army and Navy; Kerry Jepsen seven in the Air Force, stationed in Germany; Steven Nielson, served the Army in Iraq, twice.

Brown’s golf companions (son-in-law Dennis Fraser and golf partner Layne Erickson) recently witnessed him sink a hole-in-one on the 13th hole at the Preston Golf and Country Club recently, using an 8-iron from 100 yards. Brown has played golf all of his life and still plays a couple times a week. “I knew I had a pretty good shot over the pond but I wanted to look in the hole to make sure,” he said. Brown who helped plan and work on the golf course since it’s beginning in 1960’s said that this is his second hole-in-one in his lifetime. The first one was many years ago.

Jeff and Mieka Lords and their children, Karlee and Kade, returned to Preston last summer after living in Arizona for the last two years. Jeff was the principal at Preston High School principal before taking a position as a principal in Arizona. He is now the principal at Marsh Valley High School in Airmo.

Congratulations to Karrie Beckstead, daughter of David and Alexis Beckstead, was married to Aaron Kunz of Wellsville, Utah, on Sat., Oct. 31. The wedding was performed by Steve Wood in the home of her parents with her brothers and sisters and their spouses attending the ceremony. A family dinner in their honor followed the ceremony. The couple will make their home in Mendon, Utah.

The Sacajawea Camp (South Preston) of the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers has 13 members. Captain Echo Stocks has stayed in touch with camp members through phone calls and emails since the pandemic began. The “First 25 years of DUP” was summarized by Beverly Morrison for the lesson and sent out with a history of Nephi Jensen by Alexis Beckstead in September. Cloteele Dahle summarized “Cowboys of the American West” was summarize in October and sent out with an article about Edward Kingsburg by Beckstead. In the past year they have travelled to Chesterfield, visiting settlers’ old homes and monuments.

Congratulations to winners of the Larsen-Sant Library Pumpkin Carving Contest: Preschool Carved: 1st V. Croft, 2nd Ronin Womack, 3rd Avonlea Beutler; Preschool Decorated: 1st Matyx Burbank, 2nd Luke Beutler; K-2 Carved: 1st Grant Beutler, 2nd Aunikka Beutler, 3rd Peter Woman; K-2 Decorated: 1st Evie Rawlings, 2nd Dray Rawlings, 3rd Evey Webster; Age 3-5 Carved: 1st Issac Gilbert, 2nd Camille Womack, 3rd Ammon Womack; Age 3-5 Decorated: 1st Addison Gomez, 2nd Tatzku Burbank, 3rd Treyvn Weeks; Junior High Carved: 1st Karstin Morrison; Junior High Decorated: 1st Alyssa Weeks, 2nd Rida Prodran, 3rd Winnie Webster; High School Carved: 1st Rylee Morrison; High School Decorated: 1st Hollie Wright, 2nd Alexis Weeks; Adult Carved: 1st Aynsley Beutler, 2nd Dru Westover; Adult Decorated: 1st Jenny Miller, 2nd Sarah Wright, 3rd Courtney Webster.

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