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A long overdue “Thank You” goes out to the man who paid for groceries for a lady at Stokes during the holidays. “I went to Stokes on a Wednesday afternoon to buy a few things for Thanksgiving. There were tons of people there and they were very busy. The cashier finished totaling up my groceries for around $35. When I was reaching into my purse to get out the money, a man, in his 50s or 60s, who wasn’t in line, seemed to come out of nowhere, stepped up to the card machine, stuck in his card and said to me ‘Here, I’ll take care of that for you,’ and quickly walked away after the transaction was completed. I just stood there shocked. He wore a mask so I didn’t recognize him. I asked the cashier if she knew who it was. She didn’t. I wished I had thanked him. So I hope he reads this column so I can say THANK YOU! Because I didn’t thank him, it’s helped me be more aware to now pass it forward by looking for people for me to help, too,” she said.

Congratulations to Brooklyn Carter who was baptized a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, on Feb. 6. She is the daughter of Christine Nielson. Her dad is Brayden Carter.

Emma McKenzie, daughter of Adam and Mali McKenzie was called to the Bakersfield California Mission of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Due to the restrictions in California, she and her companion, who is from Kimberly, Idaho, are not allowed to go out often and have to wear a mask when they do go out. The duo are glad they are able to go running every morning. “They are busy teaching a variety of people... online. She’s having a great time as she loves teaching,” reports her mother, Mali. Debbie McKenzie in Preston is Emma’s grandmother.

Although the Grace Fellowship Church youth group has resumed their mid-week meetings, the younger children’s group is still not meeting for their class, usually held on Sunday mornings. The children have always attended the weekly worship service with their parents, but normally are excused during the sermon for age-appropriate Bible teaching and activities. However, for the past year the children have remained in the service with their parents the entire time, keeping busy with activity packets prepared by Jeanine Webb, who leads the youth and children’s ministry along with her husband Joel. The packets usually include a Bible verse coloring page and an activity page such as a word search or crossword puzzles of Bible words. “There is also a Children’s Sermon Notes page that the children can fill out while listening to the sermon given by one of our pastors who teach from the Bible each Sunday. The note taking page helps to engage the children to listen,” said Jeanine. In the packet are also items to keep their hands busy like pipe cleaners that can be twisted into shapes or scratch art with a toothpick, along with crayons in a baggie.

After the service, the children then show Jeanine what they worked on during the service and can choose a treat from a basket of candy. “I like it when the children show me what they’ve done,” remarked Jeanine. “We want the children to know that their presence and participation in our church is valuable. The children are as much a part of our church family as the adults.”

The Preston 3rd Ward Primary started meeting with children at the church building in the Primary room on Feb. 7, said Whitney Dunn, Primary President. “We started out the year with the teachers taking a handout and to see their class members, so we were all so excited when we learned that we could meet with them again. The kids were also excited, in fact, one of the younger girls, her mother reports, kept talking about going to Primary, asking when was it going to be time to go to Primary, and then after they did meet, she kept talking excitedly about being there and what they did,” said Whitney.

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