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Preston claimed another victory this time on the road in Idaho Falls against the Bonneville Bees. This put Preston 3-1, as they head into their bye week and plan for their Homecoming game against Blackfoot on Sept. 24.

The Bonneville game was scoreless the first quarter, but Preston led the second quarter with a hook and lateral play utilizing Chevy Nelson tossing the ball to Emery Thorson who ran in the touchdown. Owen Pearson completed the point after and put Preston ahead 7-0.

Preston’s offense followed up with Thorson running in another touchdown. The next scoring drive was played out by Nelson completing Brecker Knapp’s pass. Thorson followed by rushing to the five-yard line, then to the one-yard line. Davon Inglet ended the drive by carrying the ball over the goal line. Pearson’s P.A.T. put Preston 21-0.

On defense Corbain Winward and the rest of the line held the Bees from advancing, and big stops were made by Ashton Madsen and Jaden Perkins. Colten Francis made a sack and helped cause Bonneville to turn the ball over on downs after halftime.

Third quarter saw another touchdown from Preston with a completed pass to Tyler Lindhardt, and another P.A.T. by Pearson put Preston 28-0. On defense, Francis made another sack and pushed Bonneville’s ball way back.

Fourth quarter started with Preston on defense and another sack to Bonniville’s quarterback, this time from Cord Eavenson. The Bee’s answered back and decided to make the game interesting in the last five minutes of the game. Bonneville competed a deep 27-yard touchdown pass. Eavenson made another sack but that wasn’t enough to stop the Bee’s, who followed up with a 70-yard touchdown and raised the score 28-14.

Back on offense, Owen Judd was hit while out of bounds and Bonneville received a personal foul. Thorson was corralled in the backfield and the following play; Preston’s pass was picked off.

With less than one minute left in the game, Bonneville scored their final time with a fade left corner play, but it wasn’t enough to overtake Preston and ended the game 28-21.

Knapp passed a total of 228 yards and had 17 completions of 22 attempts. Thorson led rushing with 71 yards on nine carries and Charles Iverson followed with 29 yards.

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