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Governor Little,

I want you to know my frustrations with your actions does not mean that I dislike you. This is not personal for me. I have always enjoyed speaking to you. I have never gotten the impression that you are not a good man while conversing with you one on one. I am not one that wants added stress or drama. This impeachment effort has caused me undesired stress, as I knew it would. I care about others. I do not want this to cause added stress on anyone else. However, I stand on principle and I firmly believe in and defend God-given rights. I deeply care about the God-given rights of my constituents and all Idahoans, this is my only motivation to push for impeachment. Again, it is not personal.

I would like to negotiate with you. I would like to sit down with you and discuss constitutional issues. If you would consider dropping restrictions that violate constitutional protections; I will completely retract my impeachment efforts and praise your ability to compromise for the sake of Idahoans. I also need to have confidence that you would not shut down churches and businesses again. I need to have the confidence that you would not ban and/or limit the right to assemble peacefully again. There are many constitutional issues I would like to discuss, but if we could compromise on a few of these, I would be most grateful and I would stick to my promise to drop the impeachment effort. I also think it would go a long ways with building trust amongst constitutional conservatives again.

I have no problem with your authority to declare an emergency and use state resources to help citizens. However, I do believe the legislature needs to be more involved when you do declare an emergency. We represent the voices of our constituents and they need to be heard, especially during these times.

I sincerely do not enjoy pushing for your impeachment. I would like to end the effort and let our citizens move forward with their lives and enjoy their constitutional protections to the fullest.

God bless,

Representative Chad Christensen

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