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After a year away from the stage and audience, Franklin County Theatre Arts Council is back with a live production. “The Rise of Robin Hood,” a melodrama written by Brian D. Taylor, is set for production July 23, 24 and 26 at the Worm Creek Opera House.

Directed by Paul Swainston and Rod Comstock, this new comedy from 12th Century Britannia is filled with an outstanding cast of local actors.

“Come see Robin Hood (Ladd Christiansen), his sister Hazel (Harmony Hoopes) and new found friends Lil John (Dale Wallentine), Sayra (Melania Wallentine), Friar Tuck (Calin Christensen) and Sam (Taya Jacobson) along with a crazy chicken lady, Avalee (April Rasmussen), cloth merchant Linnaen (Rene’e Christensen), nuns and orphans, a beggar and the mysterious “Scarlet Will” (Taylor Blanch) take on the Sheriff (Davin Griffith), Lady Blackwood (Nichole Bingham), Marian (Lily Barton) and all their spies and tax collectors when King Richard goes to the crusades and Prince John takes over the Kingdom and raises the taxes. And so you won’t get lost we have Ellen-A -Dale (Sabrielle Chipman) to entertain and guide you along the way,” said the directors. “Come prepared to cheer, boo, laugh and have a good time with us!”

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