Franklin citizens were notified Sun., July 28, that the water supply had been compromised with E.Coli and Total Coliforms, with boiling restrictions required for drinking. The city complied with DEQ requirements and Tuesday afternoon, July 30, the State Certified Lab results came back negative on those contaminants, although the boil order was not lifted by the state until Friday

Wide, persuasive smiles worn by Britney and Cindy Rojas advertised their fresh lemonade and cookies for sale at 346 Maple Creek Road. The rain did not dampen the spirits of their mom, Janet, or her sister, Lilly, at their garage sale Fri., July 26, and Sat., July 27. They just moved their toys, clothes, and miscellaneous items inside the garage. The bonus to customers came with free two-gallon buckets and young zucchinis neatly packed in brown bags for the taking. They were also quick to show off their dad’s avocado trees growing inside pots in the house, and his (Marco’s) newly-added shelves in which gigantic tomato plants are reaching up the outside walls of their home.

Reunions are the order of the day, and the Ivan Woodward family gathered Sat., July 27, in Franklin City Park to celebrate. Born in Franklin in 1877, Woodward and his two wives, Rosina Hart and Adele Doney eventually had 15 children. Daughter-in-law Ruby said she listed 90 descendants on a family tree in 1990, and claimed there were hundreds by now. Cousins were arriving from places as far away as Texas, Washington, and Indiana. Grandson, Van, from Weston, proudly pointed out the tractor and wagon to take the family on a ride around the park, and his own horses in attendance were a reminder of Grandpa Woodward’s favorite animals. “When I came along, they took off the “I” on Grandpa’s ‘Ivan’, and the “I” on Dad’s ‘Ivan’, and just called me ‘Van’!” he said. Family stories are what it’s all about.

Thelma Womack took charge of over 200 relatives July 25 -28 as she orchestrated the annual gathering for the 11 of 13 surviving children of Lettie and Leslie Harker. Originally hailing from Shelley, ID, the family has met annually for over 50 years. This summer they went to the Steadman Ranch Raft River along I-86 enjoying the 500’ and 700’ slides, photo booths, volleyball, skeet shooting, 500’ zip line, ‘box’ car races, family movies, and a family history sleuth game. Members came from as far away as California and North Carolina with tents and RVs to enjoy food and fun.

Ninety Young Men and leaders from Franklin Stake caravanned to Jackson Hole to participate in the Priest Retreat on July 26 and 27. While half the group filled four rafts and careened down the Snake River, the other half hiked the mountain behind the Afton Temple, a rise of 1,000 feet, switching activities the next day. Friday evening, a fireside featuring Matt Rallison and Clayton Wood followed a pulled-pork dinner to complete the memorable event.

Correction: In quoting the Anderson’s on their trip to Europe, Amber said, “Italy was the best with its beautiful buildings and unique culture.” Hannah added “I am in love with Italy! If I ever go back, that’s where I’m going!”

Mink Creek

A restful Sunday picked up speed with the announcement, “Fire on the Hill!”

When sirens punctuated the stillness of the hot afternoon at least six brush trucks arrived to quell a fire just south of what locals call Telluride Road. The land belongs to Richard Free. The fire was nearly surrounded on all sides by green fields. When this village has a fire we are glad to see Kent Egley on his bulldozer. The county fire department, forest service and bureau of land management gave several hours of hot work from their crews, even some overnight ones. Thanks.

Glen and Betty Jo Jepsen traveled to Canada to celebrate the high school graduation of their grandson Carson Neitz He is the son of Mark and Jill Jepsen Neitz and they have a ranch near Stettler, Alberta. In their traveling about, the Jepsens managed to visit three LDS temples over the northern border in Cardston, Calgary and Edmonton.

Jared and Hollie Keller have recently moved into our community. Jared’s Keller roots go way back to the early days of Mink Creek. He is the great grandson of Urias and Annie Keller. In fact Jared and Hollie are living in the Urias Keller home, totally remodeled and restored. They have two children, Morgan and Danny. Jared deals in commercial real estate. It isn’t just welcome to Mink Creek, it is welcome back.

Sherry and Ernie York, plus grandson Brayden York, spent the early part of July in Dillon, MT.

They stay at the Southside RV Park each time they go, claiming it is one of the best camping places they have encountered in their traveling about. This trip up they hunted for crystals in a spot west of Dillon, visited Bannack which was the first Territorial Capitol of Montana and part of the Bannack Historic State Park, then did some relaxing at the Hotel Metlin in Dillon, hearing about the ghost stories that go with that establishment.

We have had a visit from the Garr family. George and Bobbie Garr have a home in Mink Creek, now occupied by their grandson, Richie Hurst. George and Bobbie escaped to Idaho from Long Beach, CA and brought Richie’s mother, Diane Hurst along for a few days. Struggles with health issues enforces their need to be in California most of summer.

The young women of Mink Creek enjoyed their ‘Girls Camp’ miles from home. This year found them and their leaders at Lake Powell, water skiing, exploring some slot canyons, boating, repelling, and paddle boarding. One bonus was floating on a floating island. Each evening ended with a devotional lead by the girls. Their theme this year was “Do you know who you are?” Crafts and games, plus fun cooking experiences. With the current warm weather they got to stay in an house with air conditioning. Those participating were Jyllian Christensen, Josie Neitz from Canada, Ella & Tara Jepsen, Hannah Greene, Emily Longhurst, Davanie Ostler, Liberty Stanworth, Shaylee Forbush, Tia Hatch. Kerry and Melinda Jepsen were there with our boat, Lacey Christensen was camp director with help from her husband, Kerry Christensen. Macy Jepsen was an adult leader, Bishop Paul McKay and his wife Terrie came down on Friday of that week. Tears were shed, gratitude expressed mingled with lots of laughter and fun.

There has been some active drilling going on up in these mountains. Not for oil, but for water to go with homes seeking a supply for the homes in construction. Recently there have been three rigs set up and searching.

Forrest and Patti Christensen have been globe trotting. They went to Florida, came back to Mink Creek in time to pack their suitcases and then were off on a River Cruise down the Danube River in Europe. Every day was a totally new adventure. Things began in Budapest, Hungary and they floated the river through four other countries: Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania. So much beauty to see throughout, a perfect time of year to be sight-seeing. They soaked up the music, architecture, the rich farmland with fields of vibrant flowers, the churches and the frescoes on the walls and ceilings. The colors all appealed to Patti’s artistic side. They learned about history back to 300 B.C. The tour guides and local people added much as they related the days under Communist rule. The cruise included a trip to Transylvania, part of Romania and finished up in Bucharest. This has definitely been a vacation that will fill pages of the Christensen’s journals.

Jim and Debbie Harrison have been up again. Did you know he has written another novel? This is a bit different from the books he has written in the past. The title is Wrong Place, Wrong Time and it is a suspense novel. His author name is E. James Harrison, same guy, just spruced up a bit.


Welcome home to Elder Spencer Ward from serving an LDS mission to Spokane Washington. He is the son of Larry and Jill of the Clifton 2nd Ward.

Many of the extended family of Ron and Carol Mumford came home for the baby blessing of little Liberty Ruth Mumford on Sunday July 28. She is the daughter of Lincoln and Hollie Mumford. Grandparents, Ron and Carol were able to take the day off from their mission in Salt Lake City to join the family. The Mumford family also had a large family reunion the week before at Bear Lake.

The youth who participated at Girls Camp and the boy’s annual scout camp to Island Park spoke in the Clifton 2nd Ward’s sacrament meeting.

Thanks to my family who surprised me at a dinner held at the Bluebird Restaurant in Logan. All but five of my grandkids were able to come and wish their aging grandmother a happy 70th birthday. We will hold our annual Cousin’s Camp next week at Bear Lake.

“A Sister’s Summer Salad-bration” will be held at the Clifton Park Pavilion tonight, Aug. 7, at 6:30 p.m. Women living in the boundaries of the Clifton 2nd Ward are invited to bring a favorite salad to share. The recipe would be appreciated, also.

School kids have about two weeks to live it up, sleep in, and drive your moms crazy. Then it is BACK TO SCHOOL!!!

Cub River

The Cub River Ward gathered for their annual summer ward party on Tues., Aug. 6, at Downata Hot Springs in Downey, Idaho, for a swim before summer ends and school starts. In the past years, they also had a dinner there, but will have the dinner on Friday, Aug. 9, at the church pavilion.


The young men and young women of the Weston Ward have been preparing all year for the Preston South Stake Trek with their leaders. They were able to go the week of July 28 to August 1 as planned. A report of their activities will be forthcoming.


William and Heidi Geddes announce the arrival of the newest member of their family, Hannah, who was born on Wed., July 17. She weighed 8 pounds. She joins one brother and two sisters. She was given a name and a blessing on Sun., Aug. 4 in the Winder Ward. Grandparents Darryl and Marilyn Geddes, of Winder/Banida, Les and Julie Hansen, of Preston, and great-grandparents Wayne and Carol Brown, of Preston, joined them.


The young men and young women of the Riverdale 2nd Ward had a combined activity on July 9 where they floated on tubes down the Bear River. They ate pulled pork sandwiches and chips.

Then on July 16 the young women of the Riverdale 2nd Ward rode kayaks at Condi Reservoir.


The Whitney Ward has a new Young Women’s Presidency: Beth Still is the president, Natalie Foster the first counselor and Kara Titensor is the second counselor. Released was Callie Kunz as president, Shauna Smith as first counselor and Tiffiny Jensen as second counselor.


For much of Fairview, last week was all about trek.

We meet again my friends, as another week has passed. As I drove up to the church, I saw men from the FairView 1st and 2nd ward support groups sprawled out on the grass seeking shade from the hot weather. The 1st Ward men joked about the bond that has been created and how they would miss each other, how they planned to call each other, and would have separation withdrawal. A fit, and very sweaty, Brian Hall said the rain had fallen upon the handcart company. He and Jonah Simmons said they stayed in a trailer on cots. Wes Harris and Nick White said that the tents on the church lawn where set up so they could dry out.

Hall said the pulled pork was his favorite meal. Dirk and Pat Bowles planned the food for the trekkers and felt they had a wonderful crew of people: Troy and Celeste Moser, Jaron and Becky Hatch, David and Rosy Hobbs, and others. That crew packed 305 lunches that morning for the trekkers, along with 30 for the support help.

Trek company captain Eric Milligan said the participants were well prepared. “I am glad that all we needed to use was some mole skin,” he said. Company captains Roger and Julie Stuart, Eric and Jen Milligan, Jason and Julie Sharp, Rick and Tara Harris, Justin and Sarah Curry, are appreciated much by their handcart members for the love, friendship and support they offered others.

2nd Ward company captain Jenifer Winward, wearing dusty pioneer clothes and covered in dust was glad she went. When asked if she would go again she paused, and thought, and said, “Yes for my children I’d do anything.” I chuckled, because she looked exhausted.

Additional handcart company captains were Kody and Erin Purser, Burke and Alicia Smith, Roger Nicholas and Ronnie Ward. Jenifer Winward and Amanda Vasseur and Michele Griffeth all teamed up together.

Organizing this event was Fairview 2nd Ward members Korey and Stephanie Owens. Stephanie knew that it was going to be a lot of work. She said she knew that she had the right people. Each handcart company on average had two adult company captains, and eight kids. Stephanie is glad that everyone pulled together to make the trek a great experience. “I want you to know the spirit was there, when you are on hallowed ground the spirit is there.”

As I left the parking lot of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I beheld a good size group of tired people gathering their belongings. I drove in my car with cool air conditioning to see both young and older people working together in the heat of the sun.

United together in our little piece of this earth, I happily acknowledge that our youth know how to give and work. They pitch in and help. Perhaps it is all the pioneer blood that runs rich. Perhaps it is just our way of life. As I sat in my air-conditioned car, not willing to be hot, I felt an added awareness as I studied these dusty people in need of a shower, that not one person was complaining. After asking dozens of our neighbors if they were glad that they went on Trek, all replied yes.