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Mink Creek


Mary Jean Rasmussen and her son, Kim, drove down to Centerville, UT, to enjoy the homecoming of her granddaughter, Courtney Carr. Courtney’s parents are Terrie and Hayes Carr. For the last 18 months she has been serving in the Ohio, Columbus, Mission. With the COVID 19 restrictions the first glimpse the family had of Courtney was in the Salt Lake airport parking lot. Courtney is now making plans to attend Utah State University in Logan.

The Young Women’s group provided homemade French bread and soup to their past activity leaders. They are having a great time cooking in the kitchen of their leader, Jody Rasmussen.

With the coming of the new year there was a need for priesthood ordinations among the young men who are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Jonathan Seamons, son of Jeff and Jennifer was ordained to the office of a priest. Conner Iverson, son of Kurt and Margret, was ordained a teacher. Two sons of Clayton and Wendy Currie were ordained, Devlyn as a teacher and Larien as a deacon. Grayson Stanworth, son of Kaci Avery, was ordained a deacon. Hazen Baird became a teacher and his brother Orrin a deacon, sons of LaRon and Liesa Baird.

There was a baby blessed on Jan.17. The little boy of Robert and Darci Maxwell was named Dominic Jade Maxwell. This is always a wonderful event that our village anticipates.

Kent and ReNae Egley were at Twin Falls supporting their race car driving son, Matt. Matt was presented with the Rookie of the Year award for this past racing season. This is the offseason for racing and Matt and his crew are shaping things up to be ready for the coming season a few months away.



The young women of the Riverdale 2nd Ward of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) have had several activities in January, including a spa night at the church where the girls painted fingernails and did face masks with cucumbers on their eyes. “We had mini-cupcakes and chicken, zucchini hummus wraps. You always have to start the new year off with something healthy, right?” admitted Erika, Young Women’s President.

Chantel Clark is playing basketball on the PHS JV team. Maklee Hymas and Sophie Caldwell are on the Phi Dels Dance Team.



A new bishopric was sustained in the LDS Weston 2nd Ward, Sun., Jan. 17. Sustained were Jeff Campbell as bishop; Jase Cundick as first counselor, and Ryan Beckstead as second counselor. Released were Bishop Steve Buttars, Jared Kropf and Travis Ashby.

Congratulations to Libby Campbell, daughter of Brennen and Amanda Campbell, on her baptism on Sat., Jan. 9. at the Preston South Stake Center.

Five girls moved up from Primary into the Young Women’s program of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints were welcomed and introduced by playing a StarBurst Get-To-Know-You game. Each flavor was attached to a such as “What is one of your nicknames?” said leader, Corina Olson.



The Young Women in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints welcomed five new girls from Primary and had a cake decorating competition using an assortment of candy. The Best Overall Decorated Cake winners in the group were Jordyn Fitzgerald, Teagan Jensen, and Emmy DeGasser. The Best Tasting Cake team winners were Daysha Nelson and Kamree Gunnell. Mylee Bingham and Hadley Bayles won the Most Creative Decorating award. The best part was tasting each cake, said advisor, Kathy Creager.

Lori Zilles, Primary president, and her counselors have prepared molly packets of activities for local children. They can be picked up at church or can be dropped off at the homes of those who didn’t get one.



The LDS Oxford Ward had a wonderful ward conference on Jan. 17. We enjoyed visits and wonderful talks also by President Richard Swainston and President Brandon Stephenson. “Come Unto Christ” was performed by the Duke Mumford family, with assistance from Grandpa and Grandma Mumford. Mumford conducted the second hour meeting which focused on youth programs. Some of we older members are very grateful that we can “attend” our meetings via Zoom. We will, however, be very happy when this pandemic is history and we can step foot in the church building again.

It is finally snowing a little around Clifton. Our water is amazing and we really need the supply replenished and snow in the mountains to aid farmers in watering their crops in a few months. It has been a very dry winter thus far. Also, our youth sleigh riding activity keeps being postponed for lack of the white stuff.

Katie Wilde, Primary chorister in the Oxford Ward is holding “singing time” with the children virtually. She records her singing the songs and posts it on “YouTube” for the kids to enjoy. Katie has a beautiful voice and that, along with lots of cute pictures with the words to the music, makes this a real treat for our kids. Katie knows how to make lemonade out of lemons!



Good luck trying to find a parking place at La Tienda lately! The self-proclaimed “Home of the Utah Lottery” has been crazy for the last two weeks according to checker Jamie B. who has first-hand knowledge. With the Power Ball at $730 million and the Mega Millions at $865 million (which just happens to be the third largest jackpot in the lottery’s history) people have been streaming into the store on a constant basis. Jamie shared that the store got their publicity because they have awarded two different $1 million winners from Utah in the past. She also shared one more secret – a recent customer signed an IOU personally to Jamie for $1 million if the customer wins. She said she will frame that personal note even if nothing else happens.

Talon and Rebekah Hobbs welcomed their second daughter into their home on Jan 6. Isla Tay was greeted by older sister Nayvee, and grandparents Jeff and Jill Hobbs from Franklin, and Noel and Susan Barney in Preston. Congratulations on the new addition!

New move-ins at 22 South First East are Austin and Jasmine Woark who officially arrived Wed., Jan 13, from San Diego, California. The Woarks have lived in the Cache Valley area and have two boys, Jaxon who is eight, and Cameron who is three. Jasmine works for Intermountain Orthopedic, and Austin is working for Logan Coach.

Condolences are extended to Leon McGuire and family at the death of Linda, his wife and mother of his children, on Jan. 3.

Condolences are extended to the Denis and Raelene Jepson family at the passing of their father Lafe Junior Jepson on Jan. 9.

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