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Franklin citizens have seen steady improvements in town recently. On July 16, cement was poured for a new ADA sidewalk and ramp, connecting the bathrooms to the pavilion. Two days later the bathrooms were finished and will be opened 24/7 until a week or two after Labor Day, depending on the weather. And on July 19, the new sports court – accommodating basketball, pickle ball, or foursquare — received its cement flooring and sidewalk connecting it to the playground. The surrounding fence will be installed by the end of July. In addition, the road along Second South, and Maple Creek road along Third East and heading into town have been resurfaced, filling in the potholes and cracks.

Darin and Ann Marie Anderson participated as chaperones for the Cache Valley Ballroom Team’s European tour May 24 through June 13, along with their children Kaylee, Hannah, and Amber. Sherrie Dee Rallison, coach, also joined the 24 dancers as they saw Paris, London, Austria, Germany, Rome, Venice, and Florence.

“Italy was the best with its beautiful buildings and unique culture,” Hannah said, adding, “I am in love with Italy! If I ever go back, that’s where I’m going!” They were in Blackpool, England, for the International Ballroom Dance Competition, May 29. BYU’s Ballroom Dance Team, including Rallison’s son Stephen and wife Brodie, ended up winning the Latin competition. The Andersons and Rallison all agreed it was definitely a memorable three weeks abroad.

On Saturday, July 20, Franklin Second Ward gathered at Frank and Sue Priestley’s home for a summer celebration. To the clamor of skeet shooting behind the house, more than 60 members enjoyed fried chicken and Dutch oven spuds, together with a variety of side dishes provided by the group. On the front lawn, adults visited in the shade as they watched the youth play volleyball, dig in the huge sand pile, or enjoy the swings and trampoline.

Mark Dietrich, Lance Zollinger, and Bill Provence went on “vacation” with 11 boys in Island Park’s Scout Camp July 22-July 26. Roughing it over Pioneer Day should recall sacrifices made and ancestors appreciated.


Welcome home to Elder Taylor Robinson who has been serving in the Arkansas Little Rock Mission. He reported in the Clifton 2nd Ward on July 21st. That same day Sister Rebecca Mundell gave her pre-mission address prior to leaving to serve in Kennewick Washington. Best wishes to her.

Congratulations are due to several of Clifton folks this week:

Curtis and Jackie Tripp had their new baby boy on July 19.

Roy Buttars, son of Ryan and Janis of the Clifton 2nd Ward, has received an LDS mission call to Vancouver, British Columbia. He leaves for his mission on November 20.

Judd Ward and his new bride, Hannah, were honored at a wedding dinner held in the Dayton Park on Saturday, July 20.

Paige Smith, daughter of Jeremy and Katie of the Clifton 1st Ward, is engaged to be married on Aug. 10, to Brandon Dent, in the Logan Temple.

Jeff and Nicole Smart and their two kids, Michael and Annalyn, just returned from a trip to see the church sites in New York and Pennsylvania. They attended two nights of the Hill Cumorah Pageant and spent a week seeing just about everything they had time to see. Nicole had participated in the pageant in 2004 and always wanted to take her family there. While in Palmyra they visited the Grandin Printing Press, where the Book of Mormon was printed, and who from Clifton should they run into, but Lyle and Carol Henderson, who were on an American History/Church History two-week tour.

Carol was sporting a cast on her arm, courtesy of a fall down the Capital steps in Washington D.C. That was on the second day of their tour. Carol tells of spending several hours in a “third world hospital” in D.C. getting put back together. She had surgery on her arm after returning home. Speedy recovery, Carol!

Our Mormon Crickets have made the Salt Lake news on Channel 5. Unfortunately, they are still thriving having mostly left Clifton and now residing and bothering our friends in Dayton. I have heard that they are back in the Clifton Basin so I don’t think we are home free yet.

Clifton sends its sympathies and love to the Cole and JaCeelyn Smith family of the Clifton 1st Ward on the sudden death of their three-year-old daughter, Isabelle. Many of us have been praying for your family.


Trek adventures for both Fairview wards are underway, and the experiences will be shared next week.

Of course, you already know that Fairview has many more cows than people, and I was speaking with Ellis Roberts about his new milking carousel that milks about 450 cows three times each day. This new system can milk 200 cows an hour where the old system did about 60. The manager of Roberts’ Renown Dairy is Mary Jo and Ellis Roberts’ son, David Roberts. Their milk is bought by a business from Boise and made into organic Sorrento string cheese that is sold only at Costco.

Fun-loving, go-to-girl, and long-time resident Lona Smith, has been a den leader for over a decade, and she received some help from Mike Burnett, to assist the Cubs in making fine quality stepping stools. Each of the Fairview 1st Ward boys (Isaac, Nick, Porter, Sam, Rhett, Everett, Mason, and Skyler) learned over a two-week period how to master drills, hammers, knives, grinders, and sanders as well as safety, to earn the Baloo The Builder Badge. After lots of work each boy created a carpentry masterpiece.

Since the beginning of this year, I found myself running into people that belonged to the Veibell families of the Fairview 2nd Ward, regarding music and singing. I wondered why and how this family had all this talent.

I met Austin Veibell when he created a heartfelt, and very personalized song as a tribute to his friend, Willie Lovin, who died earlier this year. I wondered in awe at how he had the strength to maintain his composure as he sang those words. I’ve heard other family members sing at funerals and other events as well, and I wanted to know who it was that encouraged the development of this gift of music.

According to his sister, Lindsey Veibell Nielsen, pretty much everyone in the family either sings or plays an instrument. It all started with their grandfather, Carl Hoffman, a choir teacher for 37 years who directed many musicals. His love for music and theater passed down to his daughter Sherri Hoffmann Congdon, who then passed it down to her five children. The Veibell children all live within Cache Valley and continue to pursue their love for the arts. Austin has been a singer/ song writer for 15 years and plays the acoustic guitar. Lindsey started Encore Dance Academy in Preston seven years ago and is passionate about sharing her love of dance with the youth. Chelsey Alvares and Kassiday Veibell started Cheer Force All-Stars and now have locations in Preston and Logan.

The Veibells were blessed with the musical gene! They continue today, singing songs while Congdon plays the piano.

Help me continue to discover the strength and goodness in Fairview by sending your information to

Cub River

The young men and young women held an “indexing challenge” to see who could do the most entries. Stake leader Shelly Foote taught the youth how to index — which is digitizing the information on historical records.


Tyler and Lain Telford and family had unexpected visitors at their home on Wed., July 17, when they returned from out of town at midnight.

“Our headlights caught the creepy sight of the crickets crawling all over the outside of our house. It was pretty freaky. We screamed as we ran inside the house. They are so ugly and scary. We knew that the crickets were in Clifton but we were not expecting them here,” said Lain, who posted on their experience and photos on Facebook.

Soon afterward KSL called for an interview. “They came to our house and did a live television program on July 22.” Then Channel 8 came out from Pocatello and interviewed them the next day.

The crickets are selective in what they have eaten on the Telford’s three and a half acres near Dayton Canyon. “They are all over in the sage brush, have eaten all of the squash, zucchini, peas, peppers, and beans but haven’t touched the tomatoes,” said Lain. They don’t come in the house but they have sprayed and it seemed to help. The infestation seemed to ease up a little but on July 23, they soon returned.

“We watched the story of the crickets and the seagulls on a video and felt we could relate a little to the pioneers. But we have the technology to spray and we are grateful for that benefit to us. Also, we have had some seagulls and a few hawks. It has been fun for the children to see the seagulls come and eat the crickets,” Lain said. The Telford’s have lived in Dayton for six years and have never had crickets.


Another successful Pioneer Day Celebration was held according to chairman Janie Vasholtz, with new events and a record crowd attending. People came from all over the valley. “It was great! It turned out to be a perfect day,” she said. “The one thing that stuck out to me was what Bill Stewart pointed out in his talk at the flag ceremony recounting when the settlers came to Salt Lake. Instead of using material to make clothing, they made a large flag.”

Some of the highlights of the day included the use of Weston City’s retired flag pole, made by Thom Greene many years ago for his Eagle Scout project. Greene was also the grand marshall for the parade this year and set off the fireworks.

Congratulations to Andrea Roberts who has earned a Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies (K-8) from the Western Governors University.

Winder/ Banida

Elder Kye Christensen, son of Clendon and Joy Christensen returned from the Guatemala City East Mission. He spoke in the Winder Ward.

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