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“A Great Work” aptly described the Youth Conference of the Franklin Stake of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS), held on June 14 and 15. The event officially began with a dance Friday evening in the sports court in Franklin city’s park. Youth nibbled on popcorn and sipped pop as they rotated through girl’s choice dances and regular songs. Saturday morning the “great” service project began as the group traveled to Hull Valley Ranch, which has been acquired by the LDS Church for camps and activities. Various smaller groups were divided to clean up campgrounds and buildings, spruce up latrines, and prepare for games. Pulled pork sandwiches, salad, chips, and strawberry cheesecake revived tired muscles for Jinga, nine square, gaga ball, and team-building activities in the afternoon. A devotional with Jamie and Andrea Holyoak as the keynote speakers was a highlight, followed by a testimony meeting and everyone singing the theme song “A Great Work.”

PHS graduate Kylee Anderson has her sights set on the College of Southern Idaho in Twin Falls. The daughter of Mike and Traci Daley plans to room with her friend Lily Cooper from Preston and look for a job when she arrives in August. Anderson hopes to go into engineering and will carry with her the good memories she made with friends in high school.

Dave and Amy Priestley’s son, Taite, is recovering from surgery on his meniscus. Priestley’s injury was acquired in basketball, but he pushed through it to take state in the high jump competition this spring.



The young men ages 14 and above from the Oxford Ward of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints went on a “High Adventure” trip to southern Utah for five days. There were 40 youth and adult leaders who went and 35 came home, according to my grandsons. That didn’t sound too good to me, but the other five apparently came home early. These kids had a blast! My daughter said that her sons looked like they had “lost the battle” upon arrival home but were happy and not too excited to get back to pipe moving and calves. The boys had their share of scratches courtesy of a rambunctious battle, youth versus leaders, in a swimming pool. Sunburns were also plentiful – apparently, sunscreen wasn’t deemed really necessary. Anyway, they had a blast and, most importantly, arrived home safely. Little jaunts like this make me so grateful to be a woman, especially an older woman, who will most likely never have to be in charge of something like this activity the rest of my days!

Clifton 1st Ward youth also went on a “High Adventure,” and I understand that everyone who left on this trip also returned home. Good for them! No details available, yet.

Staying home doesn’t necessarily guarantee that a person won’t get hurt. Just ask Kadin Reese who tore his knee up playing soccer in Boise. The damage will require a year to heal and the temporary postponement of his scholarship to play soccer in college. We wish him a complete recovery, and it looks like he will be staying around Clifton for a while.

Another accident in our area happened to Colby Bowles, son of Chelsi Bowles and grandson of Lori Beckstead. While roping cattle, the horse he was riding got caught in a barbed wire fence and went down. Colby was trampled, until the strap on his spurs broke loose, freeing him. His spleen was damaged, which will prevent his participation in football this fall. I understand that he is recovering well now. Please, everyone, take care of yourselves!

Mink Creek


With the first week of June we started the Mink Creek June weddings. This first one was the marriage of McKinley Longhurst, daughter of Candy and the late Sheldon Longhurst, to Skyler Stevens, the son of Jamie and Steve Stevens. It took place at the beautiful outdoor park on the farm of Garland and Dixie Rasmussen on June 5. The weather cooperated with the sun shining on the new Mr. and Mrs. Stevens.

Dawnell and Chad Greene are announcing the birth of a new grandchild. She is Wakely Jade Greene, a lovely little miss and her parents are Heston and Tristin Thomas Greene of Preston.

Nancy and Kevin Alder have been in residence at their home near the top of the Riverdale dugway, enjoying the spring into summer days.

A Saturday morning, following a rainy day, and our Primary children and leaders had planned a “Sacred Grove Experience.” It took place on the farm of Wendy and Terry Westerberg at the end of Station Creek road. Wendy is the 1st counselor in our Primary organization. There, in a grove of trees they felt the wonders of such a spot, similar to one that had been chosen by Joseph Smith where he received what is referred to as The First Vision by members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The morning was bright, the air was still, there was the scent of wildflowers and spring growth, the light filtered through the trees, even the twittering of birds. This setting encouraged listening when everyone noticed how quiet it could be. It provided a spiritual moment to be remembered for those attending.

The Lewis and Clark Volunteers held their annual encampment on the banks of Mink Creek at the farm of Kim Keller. The Mountain Men group look forward to this occasion on Memorial Day weekend. They have done it for many years. Muskets and costumes were in abundance. Several members of the Vernon Keller family spent the days in Mink Creek, with some participation in the rendezvous.



Over the years, to get a head start on planting, Teri Lindon has been planting seeds in cardboard egg cartons, and recyclable plastic yogurt cups and/or 2-liter pop bottles during early spring to care for them in the house until it was time to plant them outside. The cardboard egg cartons, when the seeds begin to sprout, can be cut apart and planted in the ground, carton and plant. The carton creates a mulch in the ground. With the yogurt cups they can be kept year-after-year and reused to plant seeds in them. It’s the same with the 2-liter pop bottle. She also saves the plastic pots of any flowers or veggies she purchases, and reuses them to start seeds. “In May I started some seeds and took them outside but the wind picked up and blew the cover off of the plants and dried up the sprouting plants,” she lamented. “So I planted seeds in the ground instead and waiting for them to emerge.”



Jordan Rengifo, son of Carlos and Carmelita Rengifo, of the Valley View Branch of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, recently graduated from Preston High. He was on the track and field team for four years as a discus thrower. “I liked all four years of high school because of my friends and the teachers were awesome. It was a good learning experience,” Jordan said. He is continuing to work this summer at Big J’s in Preston where he has worked the past two years, even during school. He plans to attend Bridgerland in the fall to study cybersecurity. His advice to those still in high school is to “Don’t put things off when you need to do something. Do it right away. It’s the little things that add up.”



The youth ages 14-18 enjoyed the Franklin Stake Youth Conference at the Hull Valley Campground on Friday and Saturday. Nate and Matt Jensen from Cub River Ward were the DJs for the dance that kicked off the conference on Friday night. A popcorn bar and House of Pop emphasized the theme “Pop, Pop, Fizz, Fizz, oh, what a great work this is.” Several girls choreographed a dance. On Saturday the youth cleaned up the campground for a service project. Rob Dallin, Young Men’s Stake President headed the committee that prepared pork sandwiches, Dutch Oven potatoes, salad, and strawberry cake, reported Julie Johnson, Stake Young Women’s Secretary. Jamie and Andrea Holyoak talked about family and choices. The youth worked together through trust falls and other team building activities.



The combined young men and young women in the Weston 2nd Ward of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints joined together for a service project at the Weston Cemetery. They raked up leaves and branches and cleaned the headstones on Tuesday, May 18. The bishopric cooked hamburgers and hot dogs and served the youth dinner at the Weston City Park when they were done, reported Jase Cundick, Second Counselor in the Bishopric.

Terral Goodey, Teacher’s Quorum Advisor said the boys in the quorum split wood for a member of the ward. For another June activity, they had archery shooting at Olsen’s Ranch and skeet shooting at Terral Goodey’s property.

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