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Tuesday, May 25, the youth from Franklin Third Ward of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) descended on the cemetery to add the final touches before Memorial Day officially arrived. The young men raked up pinecones and refuse as well as arranged sod on graves needing to be covered. Meanwhile, the young women placed small flags on graves of soldiers who have served our country. Bishop Lyle Fuller rolled up his sleeves to assist the youth

The worn cemetery flag was retired and replaced on May 28, with one donated by Mark Womack, son of Lynn and Elaine Womack. It was his Eagle Scout flag, earned years ago, and has the distinction of being flown over the nation’s capital. It had also flown over Little Mountain on at least two occasions in the past.

Local families gathered near and far to celebrate the Memorial Day weekend. Flowers dressed the graves in remembrance of those who have passed on, and especially in honor and gratitude for those who sacrificed for our freedom. Todd and Leslie Hawkes entertained the families of two of his brothers, two of his sisters, a brother’s wife and kids from Texas, Leslie’s brother’s family, and included a cousin from Phoenix and a nephew from Logan. This was a rare occasion for everyone to come and stay in Franklin. Good food and great company combined to make it an unforgettable event.

The Old City Hall bell rang out loud and clear on Wed., Jun. 2, to welcome children to participate this summer at Franklin’s “Library in the Jail.” Nearly 30 youngsters colored personal book bags, acted out their own version of “Little Red Riding Hood”, packed bags with reading materials, and happily cooled off with Otter Pops. Sharon Taylor, Cathy Crookston, Patsy Shipley, Macklee Bowcut, Haylee and Shanlee Lowe, and Hallie Spackman led the activities on opening day.

Ice cream and all the toppings rewarded members of Franklin First Ward who met the challenge created by Susan and Roy Yardley to record personal histories about COVID-19 on the Family Search website. Nearly 20 participants came to the park on Jun. 2, and shared their experiences with sweet results!

Mink Creek


Bret and Jody Rasmussen scattered some time with family arrivals. Their youngest daughter, Cheyenne Lloyd and family spent some days with them. The Lloyds are currently living in Japan where Cheyenne’s husband is deployed. A bit later another daughter, Brandi and her family enjoyed some Mink Creek time.

Brooke and Josh Reichman were up for a weekend stay with her family. They celebrated the break from school at BYU in Provo, UT, by coming home to the Corbetts, Sherrie and Shane Corbett and Brooke’s brother Austin. Home is a good place to recharge.

Memorial Day increases our local population by about three times. So many people come home. There is no way to begin to name all the wonderful friends that were here over those three days.

The Hansen House, recently completed on the Hugh and Bonnie Hansen farm, was full of activity. Wes and Heather Hansen and family now live in Ogden, Pat and Dirk Bowles are just down the road in Fairview, ID, and Roxanne and Wes Beutler are over on the west side in Dayton.

Lisa and Sid Whitehouse have been back for a couple of weeks from their new home on the east coast.

Dwain and Carrie Larsen drove down from their home in the Ketchum area and so many memories surfaced. We don’t get to see them often.

Terry and Hayes Carr of Centerville, UT, combined the holiday with the graduation of their daughter, Courtney from USU. Terry is the daughter of MaryJean Rasmussen and the late Larry Rasmussen.

JoAnn and Kevin Auger joined the Jepsen families. Her brother Glen Jepsen and nephew, Kerry Jepsen and family both live on Bear Creek and it was a good time of memories and sharing. The Augers live in Woodland Hills, in Utah.

The Mink Creek cemetery is a beautiful place all year round with a beautiful view of our little valley and then extends to the mountains far to the west. There is even a field of nature’s flowers that crown the top of the area, full of golden mule’s ears at this time of year. Many thanks to those who take care of this sacred acreage.



Congratulations to Kori Jo Sorensen and Jacob Kyle Christensen on their recent marriage in the Logan Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Kori is the daughter of Chris and BreAnna Sorensen from Swan Lake and Jacob is the son of Kyle and Carolyn Christensen of Clifton. Kori and Jacob met while attending West Side High School and we wish them every happiness!

On June 5, Ashton Henderson, son of Bracken and Jessica of the Clifton 2nd Ward was baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Congratulations, Ashton!

Janis Buttars and Emma Mariscal, both recognized by the Rotary Club as outstanding teachers and student, are from Clifton. Janis my niece, so I think she is extra special, and she is the sweet wife of Ryan Buttars. Emma is the daughter of Neto and Jenn Mariscal. She is spending time in Mexico with relatives before heading to Yakima Valley College in Washington this fall. Best wishes to her!

Wayne and I have finally been leaving our home to visit faraway places, such as Preston, now that we are vaccinated. I would really like to give a shout-out to the employees of Big J’s in Preston. I think we arrived there during senior hour, if there is such a thing, but there were several older citizens with canes, walkers, and those just like me who are REALLY slow walking. The workers opened each door to all of us both as we arrived and when we left and I know that I, for one, really appreciated that. The golden years can be laced with lead, however young people like that make our aches and pains bearable!



Jackie Corbridge, Young Women’s President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, said the girls planned to clean headstones at the Dayton Cemetery as a service project. Carole Beutler, secretary of the Dayton Cemetery District told them that she needed help in gathering information to update her cemetery records since 2000. The girls gladly took the assignment and accomplished the task efficiently. “I appreciate the help ... it will help to make it easier for people to find family information from the records, rather than to have to look for them, hunting for the tombstone,” she said.



On May 25, the young women in celebration of school being out went to Wendy’s and ate French fries and a Frosty. “Anna Mumford has enjoyed being in the Preston High School band this year and playing her flute in the orchestra participating in the year-end concert,” reported Marie Knapp, Young Women’s President.

We wish the best to the Preston High School seniors: Dawson Leffler, Rylie Galloway, Tyson Hull, and Nicholas Hansen.



The young men and young women played a volleyball game. The Priests interviewed three elderly men in the ward to hear some of the history of Fairview as well as stories when they were boys. Those who shared their stories were Jeff Hyde, Steve Hinckley, and Ellis Roberts, reported Bishop Justin Curry. They also had a bonfire, making S’mores.

Twelve-year-old Quincy Smith, son of Burke and Alicia Smith, has enjoyed participating in the Jr. High Rodeo and comparing boys breakaway, team roping, goat tying and chute dogging.

Kay Laird has spent a lot of time outside in the last couple of weeks feeding her llamas as well as watering her many bushes. “I don’t have a ‘green thumb’ but a ‘brown thumb’ because they are in the dirt more,” she quipped.



Brecken Smith, 17, daughter of Brandi and Weston Smith, “is super excited that she is going to state in June,” said her mother, Brandi Smith. She competes in reining cow horse, cow cutting, pole bending, breakaway roping, and goat tying. Her sister, Bryndel, 14, just finished participating in the Idaho State Jr. High Rodeo in Pocatello May 28 and 29. She placed in ribbon roping in the top 20. “She had a great time for this season,” said Brandi.

Jack Jones, 14, placed in the short go breakaway roping in chute dogging, team roping, and goat tying. His brother, Hank, also 14, went to the final round in goat tying in state last weekend. The boys look forward to starting the IJRA (Idaho Jr. Rodeo Association) during the summer. “They love the rodeo. They practice every single day training their own three Shetland ponies and horses,” said their mother, Amanda. Court and Amanda Jones have four boys who will be competing in Ogden on June 16 and 19, and in Pocatello on June 25.



Wade Price, 1st counselor in the Bishopric of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints said the young men and young women cleaned up the Banida basketball court as a service project this month. They then cooked hotdogs at the church and had homemade cookies for refreshments.



The young men and women had a pie eating contest with a twist: each contestant had to pick gummy worms out of a chocolate pie with their mouth, to be counted to see who finished eating their pie first and who had the most worms. “The kids had a good time with that activity,” said Greg Bingham, Priest Quorum Advisor. The Priests also went bowling and are looking forward to a high adventure trip in June.



West Side High School graduate, Deborah Hornberger, daughter of Michael and Jenet Hornberger, loved high school. “I had a good time there. The teachers were super caring, what we were going through and helping us with our future plans,” she said. She was a member of the Key Club and participated in the spring musicals. She won the Fine Arts Competition playing the piano all four years. In years past, Deborah has worked at Woodward’s County Store and at the library. She plans on getting a job during the summer to earn money to attend BYU-I in the Fall majoring in English. She plans to go on an LDS Mission in 2022. Deborah counsels high school students: “Keep trying. If motivation gets low, keep plowing ahead with a positive attitude. It’s worth it,” she said.