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Mink Creek


A pair of red-tailed hawks have taken up housekeeping in the neighborhood. They can be seen as they survey the territory from their perch on various power poles and barn roofs.

Kim and Sam Daines and family were in Mink Creek with her mother Judy Clark. The family was making wedding preparations for their son Jameson Daines to Allison Foster of Hooper, UT. This event took place on May 7, at the Ogden Temple.

Several residents have been in various stages of recovering their health, some with just a few weeks, others longer. Lizzy Greene had some struggles but is now back to her work at the Preston schools. Warren Wilde has faced a couple of knee surgeries. Ron Norris had his right shoulder replaced. There have been a couple of late COVID-19’s needing a bit of quarantine.

Robert and Phee Crosland began a drive to Colorado to greet a new grandchild at the home of Arianna and Ben Hostetter. They ended up finding Hwy 80 across Wyoming closed due to a spring snowstorm at one point and were held up, then further down the road it was closed again before they got to Peyton, CO, and met tiny Olivia Rae Hostetter and her family. They participated in a variety of activities: remodeling the Hostetter kitchen, a trip to Bishop’s Castle down around Pueblo, unexpected cold, but warmth from being with family.

With the coming of green to our valley comes the arrival of those who winter elsewhere. Sam and Sylvia Stanger have been back. The parking lot of the Pearson place has filled with vehicles. Jeff and Julie Workman drove up for a good weekend away from their Utah jobs. There is the feeling of a new, more open, season in the air.

Carson Norris, grandson of Ron and Mary Norris, who has been with them this winter is headed west. He was here to help with most of the calving on the Norris place and has now found a job on a ranch in Wyoming. Good timing, Carson, we wish you well.



Congratulations to Henry Moyle, son of Jared and Laura of the Oxford Ward, on his recent baptism into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

The Oxford Ward Zoom Relief Society activity on May 5, featured Tami Leavitt instructing the sisters on how to make cinnamon rolls. We even get sisters from other wards and communities joining in on this yummy activity.

The Young Men and Young Women of the Oxford Ward have recently completed a “Becoming a Missionary Week, and were they ever busy! Activities were planned each day as these youth took on the role of being a full-time missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Their days began at 6:30 a.m. with prayer and scripture study, Zoom meetings with districts and companions, instructional classes, good meals, activities in the park, service projects, teaching gospel lessons in the homes of ward members, and the culminating activity was the presentation of a musical number in Sacrament meeting which was led and accompanied on the piano by the youth themselves. Many thanks to the many adult leaders who, along with youth leaders, planned and carried out these events. These kids even dressed in Sunday clothes for school one of the days.



Maklee and Harli Hymas, of the Riverdale 2nd Ward, taught the other girls in their class a dance. They also made sunshine baskets for those who were sick in their ward. Items in the baskets were anything yellow: notepad, highlighters, juicy fruit gum, candies, etc., explained Erika, Young Women’s President.

Cub River


Nine members of the Spring Creek Daughters of Utah Pioneers met for the first time in over a year in the covered pavilion at the home of Beverly Smith in the Ranches. Beverly Smith gave a lesson on “Pioneer Era Medicine” taken from the DUP Book Tales of Triumph, Vol. 2. Julie Sturn gave the history of her pioneer great-grandmother Elizabeth Lamb Lea Lloyd who was born March 15, 1857, in Salford, Lancashire, England. When she immigrated to the United States she lived in Farmington, Mendon, Wellsville and Logan. Two members of their camp, JoRay Mitchell and Janice Porter, passed away since they last met in May 2020. “We miss our two friends, JoRay and Janice, who loved DUP and who were very supportive of our meetings. They were there every time,” said Pauline Keller, Camp Captain. The group enjoyed a potluck lunch consisting of a variety of salads and desserts sitting outside on a warm, sunny day. “It was wonderful to get together after all of this time and appreciate Beverly letting us hold it at her pavilion,” said Pauline.

Whitney/ Valley View


The Japen and Linda Hollist family reflected on the past year. “We didn’t have much of an issue,” said Linda. “We received many blessings and enjoyed having church in our home. We still got to see family about as much as we did before.” They also try to keep positive in this new year by “Loving the things of the Lord. Only in Him is joy, peace, light and love,” said Linda.



A Standards Night was held on Sunday, April 25, for the young men and women in Mapleton. Their parents were invited. Bishop Doug Lefler spoke on education and Jack Porter, son of Doug and Tammy Porter, who was raised in Mapleton and lives in Franklin spoke on the Atonement. Strawberry shortcake was served, reported Marie Knapp, Young Women’s President. “It was good to be able to meet together for this event. I think it has been hard not to see and visit people in the community or go to church. I like going to church. But there were also blessings during this time. I needed to slow down. It was a blessing to go places but it was nice to be home, too. I’m looking forward to summer. There are plenty of things to do on our farm.”

Alicia Ellis Primary President said they have been back to Primary for a month. “The Primary children and the Primary teachers are so excited to be meeting together again,” said Ellis. “It has just been so nice to see the kids back again. Since we have had a few more families move into our community, our Primary is a little bit bigger. We had to split into a junior and senior primary as well, to reach our guidelines for giving some distancing.”

Also during that time, for her personally and her family, they were actually not affected that much by the pandemic. “Thankfully most things stayed pretty normal for us. But I have learned to be grateful to be able to visit with family and friends,” said Ellis.



Linda Meyers said keeping busy has helped her during the past year. The pool has been open where she does water aerobics three times a week. “I know it has been hard on some people. I was lucky because we had our bowling tournament to be able to go to this year. It was canceled last year,” said Meyers. “I’m also thankful for being able to keep meeting with the Knit Witts because it helped others to get out and visit with people. Since we are a small group we didn’t stop for long. I know some of the other women were also thankful as that was their only out. All I can say is try and find something that can keep you busy and look ahead, as sooner or later this will end.”



Lain Telford feels this past year has been hard on her family. “We are very freedom-oriented and it was hard for us to see things taken away from us like the freedom of choice. It has been very eye-opening to me. I learned to be a little kinder to others and I’m trying to do better. I feel so extremely blessed to live here in this area of the country,” said Lain. She remembers Mother’s Day traditions of making things at school for her mother, cleaning up the house and helped her dad prepare a special dinner. “My mom also wanted us to be extra good,” said Telford. “Although it’s really not a Mother’s Day tradition, every year that’s also what I would like to happen at our house where my husband and children fix dinner and clean up afterward.”



Kay Laird said that the past year hasn’t been awfully different for her except to have to wear the mask. She says she is glad to not have to wear the mask anymore when she goes shopping. She continued to care for her 12 llamas, adding three babies, a boy in October (Morgan), and two girls born in December (Ivy and Holly). She also loves working her spinning wheel and has done so a lot during the past year, crocheting shawls out of the yarn that she spins. She gives them away to neighbors. “It’s really been fun for me to just sit and spin and crochet as I’m also making baby ponchos. I just turn on the television and watch the old shows and movies that I like to watch and spin or crochet,” said Kay.



Following an indoor picnic, 14 Ellen Wright DUP sisters learned from Sharon Taylor about the history of Bridgeport and the Packer Bridge and Ferry on Mon., May 3. Functioning from 1852 to 1868 when the railroad arrived, the crossing was important to gold miners, stagecoach travelers, and local livestock dealers. The marker, #236, is located two and a half miles northwest of Preston on Highway 91 and overlooks the Bear River near the mouth of Deep Creek, the original crossing site. The ladies traveled to the location, spruced up the area, and snapped a picture before they departed. Regular meetings for the camp will resume in the fall.

Alyssa Dyer graduated from Utah State University with a bachelor’s degree in social work last week. The daughter of Glen and Cathy Kirkbride, Dyer will dive back in for her master’s degree this week. The one-year program only accepted 30 applicants out of 140 and she was thrilled to be chosen! “This is what I want to do,” Dyer shared. Her husband, Easton, will complete his education at Bridgerland in diesel mechanics in the fall and is currently refurbishing a beloved grandfather’s truck which recently arrived from Arizona. Both will continue to work at Day Mountain Ranch where they expertly handle horsepower, both on the hoof and under the hood.

Brad and Jodi Sandberg have moved into 139 Parkinson Road, as of the first of April. Moving from Grantsville, Utah, Brad has retired from 40 years at Honeywell, but Jodi is still working online with frequent flyers of Delta Airlines. The parents of four children, they also have five grandchildren. Their youngest son, Darin Sandberg, was called to the Philippines last fall, but has been temporarily reassigned to the California Roseville Mission. Welcome to our town!