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Texting and dropping off treats for the girls in their charge has been how the Weston 2nd Ward of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have stayed in contact, said Vera Campbell, Young Women’s President. ”I’m grateful for the technology that we have so we can keep in touch with them easily. I am especially grateful for the technology, like Marco Polo App to keep in touch with my grandchildren in Utah, to be able to see them on that App every few days,” Vera said. She is taking advantage of this time to spring clean, declutter and garden. 



For Easter, each of the girls in Linrose received a copy of “The Restoration of the Fulness Of The Gospel Of Jesus Christ, A Bicentennial Proclamation To The World” and two 5x7 prints of the watercolor paintings “Listed Together” and “Sisterhood” along with a package of microwave popcorn and Little Debbie Snacks from their church leaders. 

The girls delivered Alvey Chocolate Bar gifts to women in the ward for Mother’s Day, said Roxan Fitzgerald, Young Women’s President. 



The girls of Winder placed paper colored eggs throughout the town during the week of Easter, for the children of the community to find. Each egg had a phone number printed on it for the finder to call. When they did, they received a prize. 

In addition, the Saturday before Easter the girls planned a family Easter egg hunts at the Banida Park and at the church building. Those who wanted to participate made a reservation for a time to go for the hunt and where. Plastic eggs filled with candy, including a Golden Egg with $5 in it, were hidden. 

Jonna Clement said she enjoyed a beautiful sunny day spent at her home with a barbeque in their backyard with her daughter and grandchildren who live close by, on Mother's Day.



The Whitney girls join together once a week for a Group Text Chat. There are two groups, older and younger with 19 girls. Girls and leaders share positive quotes with each other. They also ask simple questions like who would they want to meet or what is their favorite food. 

Shelby Hull, one of the older girls, says her Sunday School teachers, Patrice Moffitt and Holly Hull, "show us that they care about us,” with treats for Easter along with quotes from their Sunday lessons.

Along with doing her school work, Shelby has spent her time doing chores on the family farm such as mending fences and putting up goats. “I’ve been helping with loading the drill with seeds for planting and then help harrow by driving the tractor,” she said. The Hulls grow barley, have five new baby goats, new baby bunnies, and 55 milk cows. “It’s fun to raise our three steers for the fair,” she said. Their day starts early, 5:30 a.m., to work together in their large garden, and then do online studies for school.

Cub River 


Sayge Keller, daughter of Heather and Kasey Keller, has been serving in the Columbus Ohio Mission in Zanesville, since January 2020. Her companion is from Logan, Utah. Her mother, Heather, reports that Sayge is proselyting on Facebook and Zoom, looking for people as well as joining with other Christian groups to share thoughts with  - not what Sayge expected to be doing on her mission. Because she is state-side, she has been able to stay on her mission. Unless she goes out for groceries wearing a mask, the missionaries stay in their apartment. Along with her studies, she is leaning to cook and bake. To keep connected with family, she calls twice a week or more, if needed. She said her mission anticipates 150 - 200 new missionaries in the next few months which will double or triple the number of missionaries in that area. 



For Mother’s Day, the men of the Dayton Ward of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints took flowers and candy bars to the women. 

Lain Telford said she had a wonderful Mother’s Day with her husband, Tyler, and six sons who did projects around the house and helped to put up a second greenhouse on Saturday, and made breakfast for her on Sunday. 

Young women leaders stay in touch with girls by phone, text and Zoom Sunday school meetings, said Jackie Corbridge. “The best part about that is being able to see each other,” she said. 

Bailey Henderson and Makall Griffiths recently graduated from the seminary program of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.



The excitement for this week is the ending of the school year, online, for all of the students on the west side and the graduation of our 43 seniors from West Side High School. Graduates from Clifton include Matthew Ballif, Ryan Beckstead, Jaxon Moser, Ty Ward, Katy Penrod, Kori Sorensen, Rudy Valles, Jace Roberts (Franklin County High School), David Larsen, and Jordan Robinson, Jaxson Jones, Adam Headworth, Kenlee Nance, Hyrum Tolman, Jacob Christensen, Sunny Coats, MaKall Griffeth, Christina Tripp, Ashton Tripp, Shayla Love, Kelsey Hillman, and Alex Winward. 

West Side High School graduation, will be held today, May 20, on the school football field with only immediate families invited to attend. It will be streamed online for the rest of us to view. 

The West Side High School 2020 Class Salutatorians are from Clifton: Matthew, son of Robert and Kelly Ballif, and Hyrum, son of Elden and Heather Tolman. 

Seminary graduation was held online on Sunday May 17.

A big shout-out is due to the parents of all of our school kids who have been given the opportunity (?) of homeschooling their children for the past two months. I hope all of you have survived, and we pray that come next August life is basically back to normal.

Mink Creek 


Rock picking is an activity we can take up: those needing them to shore up a slope can trade with others needing a rock's absence to enlarge a space on the property. Rocks can be used to decorate a flower garden, or the smaller variety to paint and create. Yes, rocks can be in demand. Mink Creek has a history of rocks, they seem to grow in the fields, just ask any local farmer who has plowed a new field, or an old field for that matter. 

Before the recent blustery storms that have come our way there were flowering trees in all directions. Wild trees, tame trees, trees in the orchards - pink blossoms, white blossoms, rose-colored blossoms, ivory ones. Those winds and the rains have deblossomed some of those beautiful trees, and scattered the pretty petals. The chokecherry trees were just heavy with white hanging clusters 

Patti and Forrest Christensen are back home from their travels in Florida during the chilly weeks. They have dived right in, planting their garden, enjoying the beauties of the surrounding mountains while they listen to the waters of Mink Creek as it hurries past their home. 

Evidenced by the traffic, families were taking a break and camping out in our canyon's campgrounds over Mother's Day weekend. We have made the semi-annual transition from snowmobiling to camping as the weather warms. I have heard of some earlier 'pretend camping' going on in our home-bound youth. It has ever been a fun thing to build a tent-like structure within the walls of your house and have a place for escaping reality for just a little while. 

Our McKinley Longhurst has been selected to be one of Idaho State University’s Ambassadors during the next school year. Pocatello and ISU are lucky to have her in their midst. McKinley will be a junior next year. She is majoring in biology and hoping to go into the medical field as a career.



New missionaries continue to receive calls to teach in spite of pandemic restrictions. Colby Dean, son of Wess and Rashann Dean, is headed to Morristown, New Jersey, and will begin his “MTC” experience from home on July 15, unless rules change. Mitch and Molly Nelson’s son, Hudson Nelson, heads out Sept. 16, for Nashville, Tennessee. And Austin Wood, son of Kyle and Corey Wood, has been called to Syracuse, New York, reporting on Aug. 22, to the official MTC. Congratulations and best wishes to these young men! 

The city of Franklin was well represented at the recent Bennett Cup music competition. A shout out to Sarah Crosgrove, daughter of Steve and Julie Crosgrove, who captured first place in the vocal division, and Abigail Fuller, daughter of Lyle and Alicia Fuller, who took second in vocal. The young men also scored with Tate Porter, son of Mike and Misty Porter, taking first place in piano performance and Rhett Robertson, son of Leo and Alecia Robertson, placing third in piano. We are so proud of these young people who displayed their talents without an appreciative audience in the auditorium!

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