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Longtime resident, Glenda Simmons Wright, 64, passed away and was buried on Friday, Oct. 30. She leaves behind her husband, Douglas Wright, three sons, Jared, Jeffery, and Steven, and her in-laws, William and Barbara Wright. Condolences to the family.

Dressed up for the occasion, Tyona Atkinson and Tami Midzinsky passed out 10 dozen donuts and several gallons of hot chocolate in the afternoon of Fri., Oct. 30. They were joined by Mayor Todd Hawkes, John Packer, and Joyce Bayles, who came disguised as themselves. Positioned on the curb in front of the city offices, they waved down passing cars and were visited by a variety of citizenry, both old and young. The next evening, the warm weather encouraged a steady crowd of trick-or-treaters roaming the streets, met by creative methods of social distancing to deliver the yummy treats.

Elder Jaxon Smith was finally able to reach Franklin on Mon., Nov. 2, after luggage losses and flight juggling from his mission in the Ukraine Moldova Mission. Signs lined Highway 91 and covered the front lawn at the home of Hal and Jeanne Smith, and friends and ward members lined Main Street to honk, cheer and wave. He will be reporting on two Sundays in Franklin First Ward – Nov. 15 and Nov. 22 at 10:30 a.m.

Marilyn Durrant had quadruple bypass surgery on Sept. 18, in Ogden at McKay Dee Hospital. Following rehab in Preston, she is back to her cheerful self — recovering at home and appreciating calls or visits from neighbors and friends.

Tuesday, Nov. 3, saw record numbers of voters in the gym of the Franklin Stake Center. Directed by Jenny Leonard, and efficiently assisted by Jennifer Wallace, Susan Yardley, Suzette Alder, and Julie Dietrich, the lines were steady all day long. With all the new move-ins in Franklin and the surrounding precinct, the new voter registration handled over 100 people. The office also delivered more ballots and registration cards to keep up with the voters during the day.

The Ellen Wright DUP Camp meeting was canceled for the month of November.

Damon Yardley brought home the “bacon” disguised as a moose this fall. His once-in-a-lifetime tag was high up Maple Creek. Yardley’s dad, Roy, also bagged an elk, and Susan Yardley was glad they didn’t get anything else – the freezers are bulging!



For their many years of service, thank you to the Veterans: Fred Bingham, 90 served in the Navy during World War II; John Creager in the Army during Desert Storm in Afganistan; John Fuqua in the Air Force during Viet Nam; Marcilie Fuqua in the Air Force during Viet Nam.



For the past 20 years, because the houses are so spread apart in the Winder/Banida area, they have joined together at the church parking lot for an annual Trunk or Treat. This year they still had the event, minus the dinner. Starting at 5 p.m. on Oct. 31, creatively decorated trunks and pick-up trucks with lights, spooky things, wooden pumpkins with lights lined up adhering to the social distancing with people wearing masks handing out candy to the trick or treaters. Hot chocolate and doughnuts were served.

Cub River


Thanks to veteran Ken Keller for the years he served in the Army during Viet Nam, Avery Jeffers, a marine, and Irasema Jeffers, a marine.

The Teachers Quorum spearheaded a service project going to North Canyon to cut several cords of wood. The Young Men camped overnight with their leaders and fathers and then spent the next Tuesday in October splitting and blocking the wood and delivering it to families in the ward boundaries. “This service project helped a lot of people,” said David Jeppsen, Young Men’s leader.

The combined Young Men and Young Women had a fun Franklin Stake activity playing “Cahoots” via Zoom at their home on Oct. 25.



Thank to veteran Casey Page for 31 years of service in the Army, stationed at Camp Williams, Salt Lake, Utah.

Whitney/Valley View


Thanks to the following veterans for their years of service: Ed Ruth, who served in the Army Infantry, during the Viet Nam era and in the Middle East; Don Dunkley, who served in the Army during Viet Nam; Edward Moser, who served 30 years in the National Guard in Preston; Randy Moser, who served in the National Guard in Preston.

Dal Sellers president of the Valley View Branch of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, said that the combined Young Men and Young Women in his branch had a fun Franklin Stake activity playing “Cahoots” via Zoom at their homes.



Thanks to the following veterans for their years of service: Boyd Stewart who served in the Air Force during Viet Nam; Jedidiah Stewart who served 42 years in the Army in Iraq, and Afganistan; Jared Stewart who is currently in the Air Force, serving in Saudia Arabia; Richard Stewart, who served 25 years in the Air Force during Desert Storm; Zachary Stewart who served in the Air Force during Iraq Freedom and currently at Hill Air Force Base.



Mason Henry, son of Randy and Wendy Henry, earned his Eagle Scout badge. His project was helping to raised funds and to help build the bathrooms at the fairgrounds in Preston.

Thanks to the following veterans for their years of service: Don Velasquez in the Marines during Viet Nam. He was stationed at Camp Pendleton, and El Toro, California, Memphis, Tennessee, and Pensicola, Florida.



Gideon Beutler, son of Aaron and Aneesa Beutler, received a call to serve a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Armenia, Georgia (Russia). A graduate of West Side High School in May, he spent this past summer working for Calder Mountain Lodge in Point Baker, Alaska. He worked on the fishing boats helping to fillet fish, and clean the boats. It was a fun time since his friends from high school, Abbey Cox and Andee Oxborrow, both from Preston, were also employees at the lodge.



The combined Young Men and Young Women had a fun Franklin Stake activity playing “Cahoots” via Zoom logging on at their individual homes on Oct. 25. “I heard good reviews from the youth that they had fun,” reported Marie Knapp, Young Women’s President.



Life has been really exciting lately here in Clifton and at West Side High School. Our girl’s volleyball team took first place in the state tournament on Halloween day. Many team members call Clifton home: Marissa Clawson, Paige Comeau, Laney Beckstead, Jesse Mariscal, Emma Mariscal, Kajsia Fuller, Abby Fuller, and Madalyn Barzee. Congratulations to them and freshman Aubrie Barzee for her fourth place finish in the 2A Cross Country state competition that same weekend.

Last weekend, the Pirates began their bid for the state 2A football title. We expect they will be playing again this weekend. Good luck boys!

David Larsen began his missionary training at home on Nov. 3. He is the son of Spencer and Julie Larsen, and has been called to the California Bakersfield Mission, speaking Spanish. Best wishes to him.

The Oxford Ward Relief Society is sponsoring a “Come drive up and refill your cup” activity on Nov. 14, at the church parking lot. Participants will receive a lesson list for the next six months, and some ministering thoughts and a treat, and won’t even have to get out of their cars. Watch for the Relief Society ward bulletin for the time.

Covid-19 has reared its ugly head here in Clifton lately. Courtesy of that yucky virus, Carol Henderson was treated to an ambulance ride to Pocatello where she was given treatment for three days and then sent home with oxygen to continue recovery at home. She doesn’t recommend that disease to anyone. She was even quite careful to avoid it!

I think we need a couple more Covid-19 quotes: “At the store there was a Big X by the register for me to stand on…..I’ve seen too many Road Runner cartoons to fall for that one,” and “When does season two of 2020 start? I do not like season one.”

Mink Creek


The huge, beautiful moon was perfect for Halloween night. However, the virus limitations surely caused this holiday to be one to remember, perhaps because of what did not happen. Our community celebration of soup and visiting, getting to view the fun costumes of the youth and even whole families did not take place. A few individuals did go out trick ‘r treating. Some families gathered for a traditional meal and just to be together. Some drove down the highway to partake of the few available activities in Preston.

There were a few hours of excitement when a small, control burn took off and became a large grass fire. The area locally known as Badger Hole Basin, between Bear Creek and Station Creek, quickly became filled with flames on the march, devouring dried grass, weeds and sagebrush. Nearby neighbors met the situation with Kent Egley on his bulldozer and Jeff Olson and Terry Westerberg manning tractors pulling discs. They estimated it burned about 100 acres before the final clouds of smoke ceased. The Franklin County Fire Department responded.

Voting kept Mink Creeks poll workers busy this year. Voters were greeted by Kim Christensen, Vickie Free and Danita Wilcox, all wearing patriotic face masks designed with the stars and stripes. Safe distancing was the rule of the day. It was a good turnout and there were quite a few people newly registering. A lot of citizens had voted early and there were a number of absentee ballots to be counted. It was a long day for the workers and now there is the waiting for the national results. A lesson in patience, perhaps?

Paul and Lisa Auger are new residents in our community. They come to us from Tremonton, UT, but have roots and relatives that go back in Franklin County history. The last name of Auger is a familiar one and they are related to Dave and Marge and Bill and Deon. Paul and Lisa retired, packed up their Utah bags and purchased the home built by Brad and Zona Palmer in Valley View Heights subdivision. More recently the home has belonged to Kent and Evelyn Mortenson of South Jordan.

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