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Three famous young women from Franklin were on the winning soccer team that took the state title several weeks ago. Seniors Aimee Harris, daughter of Bill and Christina Harris, and Ashley Lowe-Anderson, daughter of Julie and Colby Jardine and Nick Anderson, as well as junior Mikayla Robertson, daughter of Alecia and Leo Robertson, all assisted in bringing home that trophy for Preston High. Congratulations!

Lance and Makayla Wright are the proud parents of a baby boy born Sept 9. They are naming him Brixton Lance, and his local grandparents, Roger and Kim Wright, are also pleased to welcome him into the family.

Franklin Third Ward of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is growing by leaps and bounds with the completion of new apartment buildings and move ins. Relief Society Secretary, Bonnie Pello, reported that according to her records they have had at least 14 new families move in over the summer. Their ward will have a new face with or without the mask!

Mink Creek


Julie and Jeff Workman were happy to have another weekend getting their home ready for the coming of winter. They live with one foot in Mink Creek and the other in Stansbury Park, UT.

The Mink Creek Relief Society of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints planned an activity to reach out to the women of the village. It was strictly a drive-up affair and ‘come as you are’ since there was no need to leave your vehicle. Organizers Lacey Christensen and Jonia Carlson, aided by the RS Presidency members, Kim Christensen and Phee Crosland, handed out a bag of chocolatey treats and a gratitude journal to start off the month of November to each lady who participated. Brief conversations accompanied the gift to start the month off with feeling of gratitude for blessings. It reminded us that we are all still neighbors and friends, even though safe distancing.

Our first snow has arrived and laid a light white blanket down the length of our village, increasing in depth from south to north. The mountain tops are feeling well covered, but there is still hope that the snow isn’t here to stay for the next several months.

A power outage hit us in the middle of Saturday night, Nov. 7, after we had gone to bed, with most dreaming of being able to meet the following morning at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for Sunday worship services which has been interrupted so often in the last eight months. No power, it didn’t happen, the power being out until nearly 10:30 a.m., meeting hour being at 9 a.m.

As the season has progressed so has the amount of box elder bugs multiplied. Skunks are moseying around, perhaps searching for a suitable winter home. Both deer and turkeys are down from their summer retreats in the high country, back to being problems for driving through our community. Our wildlife know that cold days are ahead.



Thanks to Kurt Kotter who served in the Army during Vietnam and received a Purple Heart.

Sympathy to the family of Kelsey Dawn Hansen Carver who passed away Oct. 30. Graveside services were held on Nov. 5 in the Weston Cemetery.

Whitney/ Valley View


Thanks to the following veterans: Javiera Aterrera who is currently serving as a medic in the Air Force Reserves. Jim Allen who served in the Medical Service Corps in the Army during Desert Storm at Fort Carson, Colorado, Fort Lewis, Washington, and Fort Drone, New York. Don Dunkley who served in the Army during Vietnam. Japen Hollist is currently a drill sergeant in the Army Reserves, who serves in a unit out of Phoenix, Arizona; Blayne Hollist enlisted in the Marine Corps but then became an Army Officer and is currently stationed at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. His brother, Talmage Hollist, is a rifleman in the Marine Corps Reserves stationed at Fort Douglas, Utah; Edward Moser served in the Preston National Guard from 1968-1990; Randy Moser served in the Preston National Guard from 1970-1974; Ed Ruth served in the Army Infantry during both Vietnam and in the Middle East. Dave Seamons served in the Army during Vietnam.

Garrett Winward, son of Aaron and Katie Winward, left to serve in the California Arcadia Mission of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He spoke in church on Sept. 27, and attended home MTC at his grandparent’s house, Lyle and Eileen Winward, who live next door to him.

Cub River


For their years of service we say thanks to Cub River resident: Boyd Burbank who served in the Army stationed at Fort Lewis, Washington, and Mannheim, Germany from 1973-1977; Howard Crittenden who served in the Air Force in Vietnam, Germany and North Africa, 1966-1970; James Dougherty who served in the Marines in Okinawa and the Philippines, from 2011-2016; Richard Galloway served in the Preston National Guard where he was a Staff Sergeant on the Idaho Rifle Team over the ammo squad from 1971-1992; Randy Halford served in the Army and National Guard in southeast Idaho from 1970-2001; David Long served in the Navy from 1963-1984; Mike Lowe served in the National Guard from 1964-1967; Marvin Spatig was a cannoneer in the Preston National Guard from 1950-1956; Neil Wooley served in the Marines from 1950-1978, serving two tours in Vietnam, Korea, Japan, and in the Reserves in avionics.



McKaylee Field, daughter of Corey and Britny Field was baptized a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on Nov. 7. Skylar Van Orden, son of Wayne and Leslie Van Orden, was baptized on Oct. 31. Both families attend the Fairview 1st Ward.

The Fairview 2nd Ward Relief Society had an activity night meeting in the bowery working on preparedness ideas. Sue Weeks and Kathy Jepsen, Ward Preparedness Specialists, shared canning suggestions with handouts, recipes, and brought granola and brownies from their storage for participants to try. They also placed an order for honey through David Jeppsen a beekeeper in Whitney. Weeks emphasized the important of having storage, to stock up now on items while there is a supply, and to look for sales on canning lids now as there was a shortage and the prices were high. Jeppsen showed how to make laundry detergent and how to use hydrogen peroxide. “If you can’t find it, make it,” she said. Those gathered shared stories on the toilet paper shortage which they all agreed was a real eye opener. “They gave really good ideas for us to help with our food storage,” said Deana Clawson, Relief Society 2nd Counselor.



A new Young Women’s Presidency was called to serve in Riverdale Ward of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on Oct. 25: Wendy Henrie is the president, Laurie Bennett the first counselor, Babette Phillips the second counselor, Sid Larsen the secretary and Teresa Watts and Jan Meeks are advisors.



The newest members of the Oxford Ward, Jon and Jaimie Jardine, were called to be Ward Temple and Family History Consultants on Nov. 8. The newly called youth Family History Consultants are Rebekah Ward, Tayden Tripp, Carey Sant, Tige Roberts and Emma Mariscal.

This meeting was held on Zoom and the speakers in Sacrament Meeting were Cassie Larsen, recently returned from the Santa Rosa California mission, and Brother Alan White, Stake High Councilor.

The main speaker on Nov. 15 was Elder Ryan Beckstead, son of Wayne and Jane Beckstead, who will begin his missionary service Nov. 18th in the Michigan Detroit Mission. Best wishes Elder Beckstead!

We appreciate the service of our local veterans: Zann Larson and LaWrell Cook, Doug Moyle, Warren Choules, Ken Kendall, Randy Moore, Lyle Henderson, and Dee Boyce, our last remaining veteran from World War II. Dee served in the Navy. Brian Hatch, raised in Oxford, is serving in the Navy. If you know of a veteran from Clifton or Oxford that I missed, please give me a call at 208-747-3556.