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Anna Housley recently returned from serving a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Later-day Saints in Bismarck North Dakota. She is the daughter of Kirk and Jennifer Housley and is from the Clifton 1st Ward.

Many are planning a trip to watch the Pirates play in the state final football game in Eagle while a few of us will remain home to keep an eye on the community. Best wishes to our team!

Nelladee Waldron, daughter of Dee Boyce of Oxford, has come home to spend some time with her father, in-laws in Weston, and especially her newest grandson, the baby boy of Levi and Jenessa Waldron. There appears to be lots of grandma – grandson bonding going on. Nelladee lives on the east coast.

Happy Thanksgiving to those of you on the other side of the bridge from we West-siders.

Mink Creek


We have received the happy news that Jake Longhurst, son of Candy Longhurst, has qualified and will now be a commercial airline pilot for Skywest Airlines. Congratulations, Jake, on reaching this long time goal.

Eldon and Danita Wilcox have been busy attending granddaughter baptisms. They went up to Idaho Falls to witness the baptism of Olivia Wilcox, a child of Brigham and Jenipher Wilcox. On another weekend they drove to Midvale, UT, for the ceremony of Adrienne Durrant, the daughter of Brittany Wilcox and Matt Durrant.

Danny Keller, son of Jared and Hollie Keller, was baptized at the Preston North Stakehouse. This makes Danny the newest member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Mink Creek Ward. He is most welcome.

Nicole and Nathan Denney and their little Zaydee were down for a few days spent with Nicole’s parents, Kent and Tammy Beardall. The Denneys are students at BYU Idaho in Rexburg, ID.

We have to do a little button-popping over some recent activities of some our youth. In the high school muscial, “Tuck Everlasting,” Ty Jepsen had a lead role and Dallin Baird worked on the lighting crew. When the ballet “The Nutcracker” was performed at the Worm Creek Opera House Greenlee Christensen played the lead, Clara, and Ella Jepsen and Jyllian and Kassidy Christensen were part of the cast. Here again, Dallon Baird lent his skill in the lighting department.

The turkeys are back in herds. Flock might be the right word for groups of birds, but when they get too many ‘herd’ might be a better descriptive term. They are patroling Highway 36 and when bright taillights suddenly flash chances are it is because a turkey or turkeys have decided to cross the road. They pretty much go where they please, usually in single file. I notice that the Cub River birds have the same attitude.

Angelo and Gracie Crosland have moved to McCall, ID. Angleo the son of Robert and Phee Crosland, has a job with the constsruction of a home being built in that area. McCall is closer to Gracie’s childhood home and family.



Visions of sugar plums, marshmallows, and snow puffs danced, flipped, and pirouetted across the Worm Creek stage Nov. 14-16 to the delight of the audience. Under the direction of Franklin’s Kim Hobbs with Angie Weeks and half-a-dozen choreographers and costumers, the Nutcracker lit up the theater earlier than usual. Deanza King assisted with the dancing and helped to dress the dancers along with seamstress Pauline Woodward. Performers from Franklin included leads Dylan Bowcut, son of Josh and Kaci Bowcut, who played the Nutcracker himself, Hobbs’ daughter Kosette, cast as the Queen of Sweets and the Doll, and Karen Lowe was the maid. Other dancers from town were Hallie Spackman, daughter of Toby and Valynn Spackman, Bowcuts’ daughter Macklee, and the Kings’ children Dimitri and Jianna. Culminating practices which began on Saturdays in September, the ballet was an early Christmas treat. Dylan’s mom personally helped him with his part and commented, “He was so handsome and played his part so well, it made a mother’s heart proud!”

Flags memorialized those who now serve and have served our country as they proudly stood in front of homes up and down Maple Creek Road and around the city. Thanks to the efforts of Scout Troop 36, Veteran’s Day, Nov. 11, was a little more colorful and poignant as the tribute saluted our brave men and women of the armed forces.

Maple Creek Road has received the gravel it needed to gradually slope off the abrupt edge. Just in time for the snow that is definitely on its way!



Seneca Rogers, born and raised here in Fairview, is getting Married to Joshua Summit and she will be moving away. Seneca is the daughter of Nephi and Shelly Rogers, and she attends Utah State University. She graduated in 2017 from Preston High School and she served as a missionary in the Brazil Londrina Mission.

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