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The youth of the Franklin Stake got together for an end-of-summer, open-air activity on Aug 29, at the park in Franklin. To meet all the social-distancing regulations, they spread out across the field and held lots of activities with limited group numbers. The missionaries were allowed to attend and were able to prepare a YouTube video during the line dancing which was posted on the Face book page. Attendance was around 50 youth, and they enjoyed packaged candy and bottled water for treats.

On Sept. 13, the Relief Society changed leadership in the Franklin Second Ward of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Former president Tracy Jensen moved to Utah, and her post was replaced by Katie Purser, who had been first counselor. Connie Jensen is the new first counselor, Brooke Richards is second counselor, replacing Kristine Porter, and Lacey Rallison replaced Jill Hobbs as secretary. Congratulations and best wishes to these sisters!

Kimbree Hamilton joined her family on Mon., Sept. 14, becoming the first child and new daughter for Dylan and Kashlie Hamilton in Franklin. The Hamiltons have waited seven years for her arrival - welcome to the world!

Sun and rain kept the Steve and Julie Crosgrove guessing where their reception would be held early evening on Sat., Sept 19. Their son Jacob and his new bride Jessica Alder, daughter of Brock and Cynthia Alder, were married in the temple earlier that day, and began welcoming guests inside the Crosgrove home until the sun broke through. Then the whole party transferred out onto the lawn for the celebration. The couple met in high school, and will be living in Logan while Jessica works at Silver Clippers Salon, and Jacob continues construction with Sean Hokanson.

Robert and Robin Beadles are the new owners of Earley’s home at 4017 South 4650 East in Franklin First Ward. Just arriving from 14 months of service in the Dominican Republic Santo Domingo East Mission in the Caribbean, they will officially complete their calling in January of 2021. Working online as auditors for that mission, much of the work can be done now from their new home. Previously, the Beadles lived in Seattle, Washington, where Robert worked as a Regional Manager for Temporal Affairs for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Robin is an accomplished portrait artist, and their family includes four married children spread across the United States. Their experiences have been world-wide and varied, but they are happy to settle down in Franklin.

Cub River


The members of the Canyon Book Club missed having their monthly meetings for the past six months so they decided it was time to resume their gathering on Aug. 19, hosted by Mary Lucerini. Mary chose the fiction book “Light Changes Everything,” by Nancy E. Turner, 2020. After reading the 304-page coming of age tale of a 17-year-old frontier girl, Mary Pearl, the group discussed the smart and spirited heroine. “We, in the club meeting, found it to be enjoyable reading with some humorous experiences of the girl’s life.” Nine members enjoyed meeting Mary’s backyard in the cool of the evening at 7 p.m. where they could social-distance yet enjoy each other’s company after so long. They ate fresh fruit along with a rich chocolate dessert.



Parker Hyde, son of Brett and Katie Hyde, was released from the Orlando Florida Spanish Speaking mission in March and not reassigned. Since he has been home, after his 14-day quarantine, he helped his parents put a new roof on their house. He worked at a call center from home during the summer. He was finally able to report his mission in church on Sept. 13, after six months of being home. This fall he putting to use the Presidential Scholarship he received from ISU and is taking 16 credits for his computer-oriented major. He'll be attending school online from home because of the pandemic. He hopes to go to school on campus in Pocatello next semester. “It’s been a bit of a different experience for him, but we have definitely seen a lot of blessings in his being home,” said his mother, Katie.



The Deacons in the Fairview 1st Ward wanted to do a good physical activity together where they could get some exercise after not being able to get together for any activities this summer. Deacons Quorum President, William Nelson, proposed that they ride their bikes to Casper’s Ice Cream in Richmond, like they did last year. The establishment is about 6-1/2 miles one way. Six boys, ages 12 and 13, rode their bikes, while advisor, Nick Bowles, rode along side of them on the backroads on his motorcycle. Rick Harris, second counselor in the ward's bishopric drove his pick-up truck to pick up the bikes and to give the boys a ride home on the return trip. The drive-through at Casper’s was open and they were able to get an ice cream of their choice. They visited while while eating and resting after their bike ride, on the grass in the cool of the evening. “I personally enjoyed it,” said Nelson. “I felt good about my accomplishment by going all that way on my bike.”



Nine members of the Lone Rock Daughters of the Utah Pioneers (DUP) met outside at the Weston Pavilion on  Sept. 14. Karen Baker gave the lesson, which was on “The First 25 years of the DUP.” Julie Waldron, captain, gave the history of Oxford where Fisher’s Store used to be.

The museum piece shared by Jennifer Roberts was a blue floral cup and saucer brought from Norway by Marie Petterborg when Marie and her husband settled in Preston. The cup and saucer belonged to her mother who stayed in Norway. The cup and saucer are displayed at the Preston DUP Museum. (Artifacts can be seen in the museum by appointment from September 2020 to May 2021 by calling DUP President, Alexis Beckstead, 208-852-2428). They sang a new song led by Lana Kotter “Salutation from the DUP” written in 2016 by Avadene Barron. Refreshments were provided by Linda Bartholemew which consisted of salad, sliced tomatoes, spinach dip, chips and fruit.



Larisa Knapp, daughter of Blair and Verlene Knapp, received her LDS mission call to Micronesia in March 2020, but because of the pandemic she was not able to go. She had been attending Idaho State University at the time, then when the school closed, she returned home to Mapleton. During the summer she worked for Swainston Mill & Cabinet in Preston. She was reassigned to the Detroit Michigan Mission in August 2020 and left for the mission field after she completed her training at home. Larisa is the youngest child of eight children, all of whom have served a mission, as did her father.



Congratulations to Ben and Kattie Young on the safe arrival of their new baby boy. He was born on Sept. 18, weighing in at 7 lbs. 4 oz. His name will be Kip Morris Young. He had a whole household of siblings awaiting his arrival home. Six of them to be exact: Wesley, Cooper, Ava, Sydal, Maggie and Benjamin (Benner). Courtesy of the Covid-19 virus, Kattie was alone in the hospital during Kip’s birth and for a couple of days after. We are glad the family is now home together.

Char Robinson is also home from the hospital and continues to recover. We wish her well and a complete recovery.

The new Oxford Ward had a fall ward party on Sept. 22, at the Clifton park. The Elders Quorum provided the meal of hamburgers, hotdogs, vegetables, chips, cookies and water. We older, sort-of-wimpy members, were able to drive up curbside, have our order taken and brought to our car, then we were able to park, eat, and watch the games and activities from the safety and warmth of our cars. A ward picture was taken for the history. Everyone had a great time.

Best wishes to Elder Hesston Geddes as he has departed for a mission to Detroit Michigan for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He is the son of Mike and Tristan.

Elder Matthew Ballif has completed his three-week home mission training (MTC) at the home of his grandparents (Wayne and I) and will depart for his temporary mission to Tampa, Florida on Sept. 30. He is the son of Robert and Kelly. Elder Ballif hopes to eventually be sent to Perth Australia when that country opens up. We enjoyed having him in our home for much of his MTC. It has been quite a few years since we had a teenage boy in our home. I had forgotten how much they can eat!!

Covid-19 quote for the week: “Keep in mind, even during a pandemic, no matter how much chocolate you eat, your earrings will still fit.”

Mink Creek


In this neck of the woods when the colors of the leaves are telling us it is fall, the Relief Society gathers to share recipes for harvested foods from their gardens or food storage. It was still possible with the restrictions of this time and the ladies of the village brought their fragrant dishes to the Mink Creek Ballpark for a sampling social. Casseroles, side dishes, salads of a big variety were enjoyed. Local deer are also aware of the harvest time and take it upon themselves to sample from our gardens and fruit trees.

We have had another wedding. Lauryn Hawkes, daughter of Robert and Elizabeth Hawkes, was married to Zach Robb on Sept. 19. Zach is from Gooding, ID, and his parents are Brad and Lorri Robb. A reception was held in their honor at the Mink Creek ballpark the following evening. Lauryn and Zach will make their first home in Gooding.

Mink Creek has three young men participating on the Preston High School football squad. They are Stetson Ostler, son of Stuart and Alona Ostler, Charles Iverson, son of Kurt and Margret Iverson, and Jonathan Seamons, son of Jeff and Jennifer Seamons. There had been some concern earlier in the year as to the likelihood of various sports programs in the county with current restrictions for both players and spectators. Thus far the team is going forward and is having a good season.

Reed Swann and daughter Penny have been entertaining company. Reed’s nephew, David Hale from California, came this way, with two granddaughters along. He was delivering one of them, Alexandrea, to BYU/I in Rexburg and her sister Olivia came for the ride.

Another young equestrian enthusiast of Mink Creek participated at the Eastern Idaho State Fair in Blackfoot. Jancey Henderson, daughter of Shoni and Brady Henderson, placed fourth at the horse show in the walk-trot division. Hats off to Jancey!

The hillsides that surround us have taken on that seasonal change of color. We have yellows, oranges, reds, lime greens; sometimes just as a splash of color among our perennial evergreen. Other places, such as Evans Hill on our south end, is awash with the reds of maples.