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There were many things happening in Clifton this past week. Here goes:

Congratulations to Gideon Westover, son of Lucas and Samberly of the Oxford Ward, on his baptism Oct. 9, into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

The Clifton 1st Ward has a new bishopric. The new bishop is Rett Sage and his counselors are Bill Stegelmeier and Pete Waechtler. Released from years of service were Bishop Bryan Winward and his counselors Phillip Archibald and Cody Lowe.

Welcome back home Elder Blake Olsen, son of Reid and Stacey, from his mission to the Canada Winnipeg Mission of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. They are members of the Clifton 1st Ward.

Happy birthday to Afton Ralphs of the Oxford Ward. She will turn 97 on Oct. 25. She is going strong! We love her!

A shout-out to the eighth graders in the Beutler Middle School on their entertaining performance of “Willy Wonka Junior” on Oct. 13 - 14. A special shout-out to two of our grandsons who made their grandma and grandpa very proud. Ammon Ballif had the lead part of "Willy Wonka" with lots of songs and lines to memorize and "Michael Smart" also had a solo in a song and lines to learn.

A reminder about the Oxford Ward Relief Society special Super Saturday on Oct. 23, at 2 p.m. at the church.

The Harold B. Lee Camp of the Daughters of Utah Pioneers met on Oct. 11 at the home of Edna Fuller in Dayton. A lesson on Arizona Markers was given by Lisa Sears. Those attending were Edna Fuller, Peggy Christensen, Nola Garner, Carol Mumford, Lisa Sears, Carolyn Smart, Emma Jean Rider, Pam Thornock, Teresa Wood and Carol Beutler. Also attending were our two new members, Elizabeth Christensen and DeAnn Bingham. Teresa’s mom, 85-year-old Elaine Patterson, was a visitor. We talked about quilts and several members brought a quilt from home to share. Our DUP monument for the year, The Pass of the Standing Rock in Weston Canyon, was discussed. Apparently there has been a lot of damage from gunshots aimed towards it. Those are expensive markers to replace. We wish those who chose to ruin it with bullets would just “get a life!”

We also had our first snow and cold spell. BRRR!

Mink Creek 


The new baby girl of Celina and Jesse Groesbeck was named and given a blessing in the Mink Creek Ward of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She was given the name of Oakley Groesbeck and family members gathered to witness the event. Grandparents are Robert and Phee Crosland of Mink Creek, aunts and uncles: Angelo and Carissa Crosland of Preston, Dr. Giovanni Crosland and two of his children of Franklin, Rico Crosland of Rexburg, Malia Kunz and her children of Rigby, Mario and Amanda Crosland of Smithfield, UT. Jesse’s sister, Ashlye and Chris Sorensen came over from Lyman, WY, and a friend, Palmer Edholme drove from Logan.

Dallon Baird worked for summer employment in the area around Chicago, IL, in a pest control program. He is now home with his family, LaRon and Liesa Baird, and is helping Terry and LeAnn Orton, his maternal grandparents, in the construction of a home now that they have returned from serving a mission.

On a beautiful fall day Bryan Erickson was up from Wellsville, UT, to check on his parents, Layne and Karen Erickson. The colors of the Mink Creek mountainsides compared favorably to those near Wellsville.

Lana and Ivan McCracken traveled to Rexburg, ID, to attend the blessing of her new great grandson, whose parents are Daniel and Savannah Wells. Savannah is the daughter of Daniel and Heather Baird. The name chosen for the baby is Damion Leonidas Wells.

When the heavy snowfall came the night of Oct. 11, our citizens woke up feeling glad to have cleared off their gardens, picked the fruit from the orchards, pressed the apples into jugs of cider, piled the squash and hoped the covered tomatoes were going to make it through the drop of temperature.

The mountain tops were covered with white, and that color stretched down to the bottom of the valley, yards and driveways included in the sweep of winter weather.



The Riverdale 2nd Ward Young Women and Young Men of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints watched a video on temples on Oct. 5, in preparation for their trip to the Pocatello Temple open house tour on Oct. 9. They were accompanied by their leaders and stopped at Maverick on the way home for a drink and a treat.



Julie Waldron, Captain of the Lone Rock Daughters of the Utah Pioneers Camp, said that 10 members and a visitor met for their monthly DUP meeting at the Weston Church on Oct. 8. The Pledge of Allegiance was given by Beverly Daley. The spiritual thought and prayer were given by Cheryl Hilton. “Daughters of the Utah Pioneers” was sung as well as “Skip To My Lou” led by Lana Kotter. A history of her ancestor, William Wallace Casper, was presented by Amy Bosworth. Jennifer Roberts gave the lesson on “Arizona Pioneer DUP Markers.” Each month members bring a quilt to share. Jenny Barnett showed her grandmother’s quilt. Julie Waldron made a quilt out of her son’s military uniforms and showed it to the group. Their camp is assigned this year to maintain the Thomas Springs Monument near Willow Flats. They are working on fixing a fence to keep the cattle away from the monument. Karen Baker, the hostess of the refreshments, brought frosted pumpkin-shaped cookies and chocolate milk.



The Activity Day’s girls held a "turtle race." Cutting a turtle shape from pressboard with a string passing through a hole in the head and tied to a chair about 18 feet from where a girl holds the other end of the string, the girl moves the string up and down to make the turtle "walk" to the finish line. After the race, they each decorated a soup can with colored construction paper in Halloween designs using cookie cutters as stencils to cut the shapes. The cans are holders for pens and pencils, etc., said Jarra Baird, Activity Days leader.

Jarra said with fresh snow in the mountains, haying done, straw baled, no sprinklers running and the cows brought in from the range, the Beutler’s held their Potato Days in Dayton selling Yukon and Russet potatoes on their farm. They served fresh hot French fries to visitors.



Dinner was prepared by Minnie Christensen for a "Linger Longer" after the Valley View Branch Sunday, Oct. 10, to celebrate her husband, Kit’s, birthday complete with a cake. The Primary combined with the Whitney Ward in September for had their Primary program. The Branch is planning monthly activities for the holidays, said Dal Sellers, Branch President.



Trent Purser, Priests Advisor, of the Fairview 2nd Ward of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, reported that the Priest-age boys helped to clean tree limbs at a neighbor's house. The Priests also, along with the older girls, went skeet shooting at a member’s backyard. They had cookies for refreshments. The Young Men and Young Women went ice skating at the Eccles ice skating rink in Logan for another activity.

Cub River


The Canyon Book Club will meet on Wed., Oct. 27, at 2 p.m., at the home of Giselle Fitzgerald. The book chosen for discussion is “When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit,” by Judith Kerr. It is partly an autobiography of a Jewish family that fled from Germany from a child's-eye view at the start of the Second World War.



Eight-year-old Zayn Cowley from Franklin Third Ward was excited to be baptized Sat., Oct. 9. The son of Tiffany Murdock and Peter Cowley shared that his dad performed the ordinance, and his step-mom, Heather Cowley, gave the talk on the Holy Ghost. Hiding behind his mother as he shared his report, Zayn popped out to say the best part was the “water”, which fortunately was warm.

The game of BINGO takes on new meaning when it is centered on Family History. Roy and Susan Yardley have been encouraging Franklin First Ward members to fill in the boxes as they discover stories, online apps, and unique personal characteristics about their progenitors. The reward? Thursday, Oct. 7, the Yardleys offered homemade blueberry, apple, or peach cobbler to those who completed the challenge. The Dean Hansen and Devin Migliori families are the celebrated winners!

Condolences are extended to Val and Maria Castillo and their family at the loss of his mother, Noemi Agurre Castillo, who passed away on Sat., Oct 9, in Smithfield.

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