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We welcome two new families to Clifton. Nathan and Melissa (Fuller) Thomsen and their five children have recently moved from North Carolina. Melissa grew up in Clifton and is excited to be back home.

Derek and Janet (Gailey) Nalder and their boys have also recently moved in. Janet, also a Clifton native, is also happy to be back home around family and friends.

The West Side homecoming week was a wonderful success. The kids won the football game and the following evening was the homecoming dance on the football field. Two Clifton young women were in the royalty: Summer Anger was the Homecoming Queen and Gracie Checketts was an attendant. Congratulations to both of them!

David Larsen, son of David and Julie Larsen of the Clifton 2nd Ward, has received a call to serve in the California Bakersfield Spanish Speaking mission. David leaves for the Mission Training Center on Nov. 3.

The weather around here has been insane lately. From temperatures in the high 90s on the weekend to snow on the mountain tops on the following Tuesday. The year 2020 continues to keep things exciting. Someone needs to write a book and title it “2020 – Someone please make it go away!” Maybe I’ll do that in my spare quarantine time. We had some gale force winds which took the roof off of our neighbors hay barn and spread the tin around the area. A large gust went through the windows of our daughter’s house and set off her fire alarm.

Jim Westover gave his family a scare as he was injured trying to get their Razor out of the mud on the mountainside. A large rock hit Jim in the head, knocked him unconscious, and he had to have several stitches in the hospital. He is home recovering. We are glad he is safe.

The Oxford Ward Relief Society is having an activity tonight, Sept. 16, beginning at 7 p.m. The theme is “being spiritually and physically prepared.”

Another Covid-19 quote: “This quarantine has me realizing why my dog gets so excited about something moving outside, going for walks, or car rides. I think I just barked at a squirrel.”



Labor Day Weekend welcomed friends and family to Franklin for summer’s last hoorah. John and Barbara Packer entertained John’s son Daniel, wife Kaelynn, and their six children from Bountiful to share the holiday. They attended church, camped, floated the river, took 4-wheelers on a trail ride, and thoroughly enjoyed their Franklin get-away!

McKinley Nelson, daughter of Molly and Mitch Nelson, was baptized by her brother, Chevy, on Saturday, Sept. 5. McKinley’s other brother, Elder Hudson Nelson, confirmed her as the newest member of Franklin First Ward. Elder Nelson is currently completing his mission training at home in preparation for serving in Nashville, Tennessee.

Angry bursts of wind ripped down limbs, shredded fruit trees, and picked up anything that wasn’t nailed down through the night Mon., Sept. 7, to Tuesday morning. It brought with it dramatic temperature changes from the 90 degree weather the previous week, to 50 degrees overnight. And then the hard frost came Wednesday morning to finish off the summer garden produce and the bright annual displays. It was a slap-in-the-face reminder of Mother Nature’s hospitality!

Three children in the Franklin Third Ward The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints were baptized on Saturday, Sept. 12: Cooper Moser, son of Shane and Vanessa Moser; Traylen Poppleton, son of Justin and Jodie Poppleton; and Penelope Aagard, daughter of Daniel and Cassie Aagard. In the Franklin Second Ward Braxton Gardner, son of Tara Gardner, was baptized and in the Franklin First Ward was Bailee Ann Denton, daughter of Tim and Gina Denton. Congratulations!

Maple Creek Ranch, currently under development by Guy Arnel, has paved Cherryville and Mountain Meadow roads in Phase 1, this past week. Preparation work on these roads in Phase 2 continues, and may be completed this fall — depending on the weather. Arnel also expects to plat Phase 3 through the winter for purchases by spring.

Mink Creek


Tara Jepsen, daughter of Kerry and Melinda Jepsen, has received a mission call from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She will be serving in the New Zealand Hamilton Mission and receive her training at that Training center. Her departure date is Sept 24.

Bob and Claudia Erickson and two daughters, Carla Nielsen and Laural Janke made a road trip to Wyoming with two goals in mind. One was to pursue some genealogy information on Claudia’s lines and the other was to donate a vintage dress belonging to an early Wyoming settler to the Carbon County Museum in Rawlins, WY. After trudging through two cemeteries the needed info was retrieved and the dress delivered the following day. They took advantage of their location, taking the Snowy Range highway through the Medicine Bow National Forest.

The wedding of Conner Nielson and Harley Carlisle took place at the Egley Park in Mink Creek. The son of Tara and Jeff Nielson, Conner’s grandparents are Kent and ReNae Egley. The new couple will be making their home in Pocatello and pursuing studies at Idaho State.

Elder Walter Iverson, formerly assigned to the Dominican Republic Mission, is now serving in the Alabama Burlington Mission and is currently part of the mission home staff in that city.

Henry Wayne Phillips, oldest son of Brint and Brittnee Phillips, was baptized and confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. All of his grandparents were there to witness this occasion, Jonia Carlson of Mink Creek, and Dick and Babette Phillips of Glendale, ID. Other family members came from Oregon, Utah and Hawaii. Later that day family and friends enjoyed a watermelon bust in celebration at the Mink Creek Ballpark.

Kim and Joe Tracy of Star, ID, brought their children Perry, Kayla and Krystal for some grandparent time with Lorraine and Royce Christensen. Two sisters joined the group for a family cookout, Carrie Melton and her sons, Kenny and Thomas coming from Layton, UT, and Colleen Carter and her daughters Melanie and Addilee from Preston.



When calves are born on their dairy farm, the Kyle and Marie Knapp children choose which calf they want to raise to show it at the annual 4-H Fair. The calf is initially raised on the range, then brought to the barn where the children train their calf to lead for show. It paid off for Ryley, 13, as she placed eighth in the Star Class, receiving a purple ribbon for her Angus club calf, which weighed 1,500 pounds. This is Ryley’s second year to compete. Tytan, 15, in his fourth year to show, received a blue ribbon for his 1,200 pound steer. This is nine-year-ol Zoey’s first year to compete. She received a red ribbon for her 1,200 pound steer. Marie is their 4-H leader.



Sister Brynlee Banks, daughter of Debi and the late Bruce Banks is currently serving in the Kennewick Washington Mission, Spanish speaking, since June 2019. Brynlee has remained in the field because she is serving stateside, and was not part of the call to return from her mission. But she has had several ups and downs due to COVID-19. Brynlee sent some time in an English-speaking four-some and living in the Ridgeland area. They can visit in homes by appointment starting this week and still have to wear a mask. They continue to teach lessons on Facebook, including to people out of the country. She is now training a new companion. They continue to make cookies and notes to take to on their visits. “She was glad to have gotten to know the other missionaries during those two months together. She calls twice a week on Monday and Friday, on birthdays and holidays. She is really cheerful,” reports her mother Debi.

Cub River


Congratulations to Ethan Erickson in earning his Eagle Scout Award. He is the son of Steven and Bonnie Erickson. For his project he built a Ga-Ga Pit in January 2020 that is located on the Cub River church grounds. Since there was no Court of Honor held, he is waiting for his medal and certificate.

Leah Erickson, daughter of Steven and Bonnie Erickson, has been serving as a missionary in New Jersey since July 3, 2019. Since March, she and her companion have had to stay in their apartment, except to get groceries and short walks, but they are now able to get out a little more. They are going to church as well as teaching lessons in people’s homes, but still can’t proselyte on the street. They also continue teaching on social media finding people to teach on Facebook and on the Internet which has resulted in a baptism. “Leah is keeping well. She calls us twice a week on Monday and Thursday,” reports her father. “She only has four months left on her mission, in fact, her airplane ticket has already been purchased.”



The young men and young women participated in the reenactment of the First Vision in the woods at the hollow in the backyard of Kevin Hepworth, first counselor in the Bishopric of the Winder Ward of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Throughout the last several months, the Winder Primary teachers took pages to color on church topics to their students. The Primary presidency took around treats and related messages, said Jill Jamison, second counselor.



Jacob Moffat, son of Shawn and Mary Moffat, a post high school graduate of West Side High School, ran cross country and track and was in the boxing club. He was a teacher’s assistant for the EMT class in his junior and senior years and belonged to the INL National Labs Science Pool. He attained an AA General Science Degree while in high school. Jacob had never been on an airplane until he flew to Indiana to attend the University of Evansville where he received a scholarship for his good academics and to run cross country and track on their team. He is taking Pre-Physician Assistant courses to be a PA and currently taking exercise science which started August 11. He advises high school students to “Do your homework, take as many dual credits as you can, work hard, plan ahead for the next year, and fulfill your potential.”