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(Note: At the recent Preston City Council meeting, Councilman Terry Larsen offered his thoughts on the end of 2020 and anticipation of a better year in 2021.)

Even though we are already almost finished with January, I would like to wish everyone a happy new year. I’m sure most of you are like me, and are happy to see 2020 end. I know that we are all hoping that 2021 brings with it a much needed break from what we have been dealing with. We are seeing some signs of improvement. Our COVID numbers have dropped, and the Governor has lifted some restrictions. The schools have now lifted the mask mandates with a few conditions still in place. Also, he has allowed for more spectators to attend the winter sports games and matches. So I am optimistic that things are on the uptick.

With all of the political unrest that we have in our country right now. I would just like to express how grateful I am that in your local government we are a non-partisan group. I know that all of the council members and the mayor truly have the best interests of the city and the community in mind when deliberating decisions that affect you and your families. While that certainly doesn’t mean that we always agree with each other, our decisions are not based on a party line vote. And we can continue to work together to do our part in making Preston the great place that it is to call home.

A few thoughts in closing:

• Don’t take offense when none was intended. No one can offend you unless you let them.

• Continue to look for ways to help your family, friends, neighbors, and strangers alike.

• Take a lot of deep breaths.

We will get through the effects of 2020, and we will be stronger in spite of it.

Welcome 2021! We as the Mayor and Council of the great City of Preston hope it brings a much needed break to you and your families. Happy New Year, the best is still to come.

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