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Americans see their freedoms eroding. They are increasingly concerned about the drift of the United States into socialism-communism which ultimately is rule by a small elite. This drift coincides with America’s deviation from its constitutional principles at the federal, state and local levels. A contributor to the loss liberty is the dominance of “administrative law”, where elected representatives, many of them career politicians, have surrendered “law-making” to public employees, who are so-called “experts”, working as administrators or enforcers in organizations such as health departments, the EPA, the BLM, and the CDC.

Politicians consistently don’t rely the consent of the governed and ignore America’s constitutional constraints on government in the legislative and spending bills they enact. As a result, the governed become the subjects of the administrative state and are expected to obey mandates issued by government “experts”. Businesses and individuals are wary of government retaliation.

Constitutionalists argue that the natural rights afforded by the U.S. Constitution may not be bargained away by citizens and government officials offering payments or issuing threats to citizens who in turn surrender their liberties, voluntarily or involuntarily. Recently, Idahoans have witnessed the issuing of edicts from public officials restricting the free exercise of religion and the freedom of peaceable assembly. These and other unalienable rights and are not negotiable and may not be cancelled by bargains with governments.

Organizations such as the John Birch Society (JBS) and the Idaho Freedom Foundation (IFF) evaluate legislators based on their adherence to their constitutions, federal and state, and on matters of government spending. At the federal level, JBS gives our legislators the following grades (in percent): Senator Crapo-89, Senator Risch-89, Representative Fulcher-90, Representative Simpson-80. At the state level IFF uses a constitutional/spending rating (in percent): Senator Harris 58/10.3, Representative Christensen 100/95.2, Representative Gibbs 46/20.3. JBS estimates that 80% of federal spending is not authorized by the U.S. Constitution.

The voting records and public pronouncements of some of our representatives has motivated private citizens to challenge career politicians by announcing their candidacy against incumbents in the May 2022 primary.

The JBS featured speaker for the November 18 meeting is Bryan Smith of Idaho Falls who will challenge Representative Simpson in Idaho’s Second Congressional District. The meeting begins at 7:00 p.m. at the County Extension Building, 561 West Oneida, and is open to the public.

According to his supporters, Mr. Smith is a strong constitutionalist who wants to restrict the powers of government. He opposes amnesty for illegal immigrants, massive spending increases, more expansive government, and gun control. He was a delegate for Donald Trump at the Republican National Committee Convention, and strongly opposes Mr. Simpson’s support of the U.S. House’s January-6 Commission. He has strongly criticized Mr. Simpson’s support of dam breaching on the Snake River.

Mr. Smith is an attorney and small business man in Idaho Falls and employs approximately twenty-five employees. He graduated from Brigham Young University and from McGeorge School of Law. His primary areas of practice include commercial law, personal injury, insurance, and construction litigation.

This is an opportunity for the residents of Franklin County to listen to Mr. Smith’s presentation and to evaluate and to ask questions about specifics of how he intends to represent Idaho in Washington, D.C.

Franklin E. Wirsing


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