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Preston’s t-ball season began on June 15, and will run through July 20. There are eight teams this season which is down from 12 last year.

“A few less than years in the past,” said Trisha Perry. “But I feel that COVID-19 definitely played a factor in that.” Perry continues to oversee the t-ball and softball programs for the Preston Rec spring program.

“Great coaches volunteered, and the kids are having a blast!” she said.

PHS softball coach Larry Morrison is hosting a clinic for the U10 and U12 girls this year instead of the usual games. The clinic started June 24 and ends July 15.

“The surrounding cities’ teams we usually play against, ended up canceling their recreation programs because of COVID-19,” Perry said. “Morrison and some of the high school softball players are running a four-week clinic. I appreciate his time and dedication into trying to build the softball program for Preston!”

There were enough players in the U8 coach pitch age group to make two teams but playing all their games against each other would have made for a very dull season. Instead, the teams were integrated into the boys’ program “to give the boys some competition, add some more teams into the baseball program,” Perry said.

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