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Dear editor,

On July 1, I made a stop at Stokes grocery store to refill a prescription at Larry's Pharmacy. I had just cashed a check at Ireland Bank for the weekend activities and had simply put the cash into my pocket with my phone, something I do not normally do. Standing in line at the pharmacy window, I pulled out my phone to pass the time and evidently , one of the $50 bills in that same pocket fell to the floor, unseen by me. I finished my business there and returned to work. Later in the afternoon, I received a message from Kim Coats, shift manager for the day. She informed me that I had lost some money and they had it for me there at the store. I was shocked, had not even missed that $50 bill in the hubbub of finishing my work duties. A very honest customer had picked up the money, and turned it into the pharmacy. Kim and Mike Reid, had utilized their camera security system to identify a tall, bald, funny looking guy standing there playing on his phone unaware of the cash laying at his feet. I was amazed at two things:, 1- The detail of their camera system and 2- The honesty and effort made by all involved to return the money, that with my ADD, would have gone unnoticed I am sure!

So here is your thank you to all of you at Stokes, Larry's Pharmacy, and especially the anonymous , honest person who rather than pocket it for themselves, did the right thing. I am grateful for such an honest and trustworthy community!!

Todd Thomas

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