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As an employee, or member of a music group, or a sports team, or a community, we often hear slogans — efforts to pep up our performance and operate at our best for optimum results.

There are lots of them, but I think my favorite has always been TEAM: Together, Everyone Achieves More.

Although the method of working together changes for every situation it is applied to, teamwork works in every situation. It takes all the virtues we’ve been taught throughout the ages to attain, but it is attainable. Our athletic teams that have figured out how to work together, have given our community some great examples of what teamwork can do.

And it is easy to spot when a group hasn’t yet figured out the benefits of acting as a team.

Sometimes, in a community, it is hard to see how each community member can be part of the same team. Yet, communities are like any other team. By recognizing each each person, or organization’s strengths, a community becomes stronger and more able to deliver peace to its residents.

Since their incorporations, the communities in Franklin County have all had a turn at successfully showing the results of working together. They have created time-honored traditions that have allowed our residents to live in relative harmony in our largely peaceful neck of the woods. Some of those traditions we enjoy and some we depend on.

Take a minute and think about that. There are a lot of good people in Franklin County who understand that it takes more than making a living to make a community that one wants to be a part of. It takes giving by choice to make a community. Mandated giving is just stealing.

As we proceed forward, building on the foundations of the people who built our communities, let’s keep that acronym in mind: Together, Everyone Achieves More. It’ll require treating each other with respect, not expecting respect. It’ll require kindness, effort and sacrifice — all of our own choosing.

In short, it’ll require us living the principles given in the Declaration of Independence and Constitution of the United States. Maybe it is time to pull those venerable documents out, dust them off and apply the principles therein enthroned.

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