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We just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for their kindness during what has been one of the most difficult yet miraculous times in our life. We are completely overwhelmed with gratitude. We are so grateful for all of the emergency personnel who assisted us that day and we appreciate your expertise in controlling the fire and the treatment of burns. We will never forget the kind words of reassurance you offered us as our loved ones were treated in the ambulance and we will never forget how you pulled some of our treasured family photos from the wreckage for us. Those moments helped make a dark day brighter!

We appreciate the many helping hands who have pulled us through these past few weeks. We could not have done it without your love and support! We appreciate the many generous offerings of food, essentials, and financial assistance on our behalf. We also appreciate all the time taken to help us clean up in the aftermath. We are so grateful to each of you! Thank you for your kind words and hugs! And thank you for all of your prayers. We have felt them. We are very grateful to God and to all His heavenly and earthly angels who have made us feel so cared for and loved. We know words cannot adequately express the impact you all have made on us, but please know we are so grateful for each of you. Thank you!

Scott and Kelly Womack & Family


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