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Preston School District Community,

As a school board and superintendent, we wanted to share our heartfelt thanks to the Preston School District Community for the renewal of the plant facility levy in March. The renewal of the levy will allow us to continue to maintain and improve the facilities and physical properties of the school district in order to continue the excellent education for your students.

We recognize the importance of these funds and the responsibility we have to you, the patrons of Preston School District, to manage these funds appropriately. This is a responsibility we do not take lightly, and we want to share with you our commitment to making these funds translate into positive experiences for you and your students as you participate with us in the educational process! As we work through the process we will update the school website with information on expenses and projects completed.

Thank you so much! We wish you the best during these turbulent times and pledge to do all we can to help smooth the path for you and your students as we, together, educate students for the grand futures in front of them!


Brooke Palmer, School Board Chair

Jody Shumway, School Board Vice-Chair

Joy Christensen, School Board Member

Kayla Roberts, School Board Member

Darren Cole, School Board Member

Marc Gee, Superintendent

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