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Thanks for protecting our constitution,freedoms

I would like to thank our local government for how they protected our freedoms this last year. I am so grateful to them for remembering their oath to the United States and State Constitutions and did not violate the Bill of Rights or both. Thank you for protecting our freedom to choose for ourselves. Thank you for doing your duty, the first duty to protect the people in their person. It has been wonderful to live in a community where we can live life as close to normal as we choose. When I have gone outside of Franklin County this last year I have realized how blessed we are to have those in our government that realize their responsibility to protect our individual freedom to choose what is best for us and our families.

It has come to my attention that some have said that our local government must do what the federal government says. If that is the case they need to understand that both the United States Constitution and the Idaho State Constitution are to limit the reach of both the state and the federal government. When those in power make a law for their constituents to follow which is not authorized in the constitution…those in office are breaking their oaths. In following such laws we also break the laws of the land. There are many things coming from both the state and federal government that they have no business making because they were not given the power by the people. When our local government does not comply with federal or state regulation and laws not authorized by the constitution...what they are suppose do? We vote for them to protect us. They protect us from overreach of state and federal governments. They are there to protect our rights which is the most important responsibility they have!

So “Thank You” very much for all those at the local level of government that have stood up and protected us and our GOD given rights.

Rebecca Branson


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