Letters to the Editor:

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While raising her three sons (of which I was undoubtedly her favorite), my mother often used the phrase, "Like a kidney stone, this too shall pass!".

Her counsel could apply to our current situation as a society with the Covid-19 pandemic. This letter is meant to encourage everyone that we will make it through this, both as individuals and as a city. Many entities within our county are working daily to protect, support and care give each of us.

Our collective frustration right now probably has the catalyst of an internal sense of a lack of control over our daily life and routine. This is an inherent drive in our personal hierarchy of needs. A wise man (who happened to be my dad), once encouraged me, when under stress, to strive to control what I can control and cease attempting to change the things out of my power to control. That advise may help us channel our energy in coping in these challenging and trying times.

I urge us all, to take seriously the principle of individual responsibility in following the guidelines and procedures for personal, family, and community well being as this health crisis continues. In that way, we may be able to approach that sense of 'control' in what seems to be never ending updates, warnings and alterations to our community lifestyle. Your city, county officials and staff, and healthcare personnel, who are also your friends, family, neighbors and co-workers have your safety and protection foremost in their minds in their directives and actions everyday.

I am grateful to serve our residents via my role on the Preston City council. Please rest assured that the council, mayor, and city staff have all of our best interests at heart as we strive to balance precaution with delivery of necessary services. Remember, "Like a kidney stone, this too shall pass!"


Todd Thomas

Preston City councilmember

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