A young driver did not see an oncoming pick-up as he crossed the highway.

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A juvenile was cited for failure to yield from a stop sign, but he was able to walk away from a head-on accident on HWY 91, as was Russell Palmer, the driver of the other vehicle.

On Thursday, Aug. 26, the juvenile was northbound in a 1989 GMC pickup on 800 East, south of the intersection with Hwy 91. As he crossed the intersection, he did not see a northbound 1995 Ford pick-up driven by Russell Palmer, and the vehicle’s collided, the front passenger side of the GMC hitting the rear fender of the driver’s side of the Ford.

The collision sent the Ford into a tailspin to the middle of the highway then back across the northbound lanes of travel to end up in the barrow pit. Palmer was able to drive his pick-up away.

The parents of the young driver towed the GMC home.

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