Water hookups in the Westside View subdivision demanded attention of the Weston City Council during their November meeting.

The first issue was with lot number two and whether or not it deserves a water hookup. Previously there had been a home there, with a water connection and water flowing through it when Ben Gittins purchased the place. That said there was never a meter on that connection.

Mayor Garner advised that the meter be considered a dead meter and to activate it the new owner would need to pay the activation fee, which is equal to six months of the water base rate and the city would forgo the new connection fee of $7,200.

Councilman Mark Koller voiced concerns about other places in town that once had homes that have been torn down but at one time had water connections. Should the city follow the same proposed guidelines?

Mayor Garner explained that each issue would have to be addressed on a case by case basis. The addresses for the five lots in the subdivision are 296, 284, 272, 256 and 234 W 200 N.

During the public comment section of the meeting Sharalyn Fonnesbeck asked the council about its decision concerning a request she and husband Jay, made last month for their promised free water hookup.

In 1988, the city made arrangements with Jay’s father to drill a well on their property to provide water for the town. According to Fonnesbeck, in return, the city promised a water hook up. The city got its well and the Fonnesbecks are still waiting for their water hookup, says son-in-law Spencer Nielson.

”For years, we understood that the system was not yet capable of providing the water to us. We’ve been patient and waited and hauled water, waiting for them to be ready. The city is just getting to a point that it can offer the water hook-up,” said Jay. “That we wouldn’t accept the new water line is the biggest lie,” said Fonnesbeck in an phone interview. He and his wife are considering legal action.

Mayor Garner said that if the Fonnesbecks had any legal action they wished to take they should contact Steve Fuller, the city attorney. Garner disapproved that time for public comment time was used for an item of business he felt should have been on the agenda. He ended the meeting saying that the topic of giving Fonnesbecks a water hookup was closed.

Weston City plans to now move forward with the final stages of the new water well. It will be sealed 112 feet down and the perforation zones will be even deeper that. The well driller will be available after the New Year; the actual date for the drilling is currently not set due possible complications stemming from the weather. In the meantime, the engineers will be designing how the new well will hook into the water system. A survey will be done before the end of the month. Superficial surface cracks have developed in the new water tank. They will be sealed because the tank is still under warranty.

It was noted that Mayor Garner has successfully completed the Mayor’s Walking Challenge and the city will be given $1,000 for this efforts. He is looking for projects that will promote physical fitness to spend the money on. The city spent past walking challenge money to help pay for a Ga-Ga ball pit that Jaxon Olson is building for his Eagle Scout Project.

Recently, a cement truck hit the city’s solar speed limit sign, which flashes a driver’s speed, near Tyson Campbell’s house and ruined it. Geneva Rock paid $2,935 for a new one. The city had one in reserve they were planning to mount on a portable trailer. They used that one to replace the one by Campbell’s. The city plans to place the new one to monitor drivers coming down the hill heading east somewhere near the park or post office.

Two building permits were applied for and granted by the council. Mike Geddes asked for a building permit to build a home at 185 E 1st S. There is already a water hookup there. The council reviewed his plans and everything appeared to be in order. Next was Ben Gittins who asked for a building permit to build a four bay shed at his dairy. Both plans will go to the county building inspector Randy Henrie for final approval.

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