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I don't know what makes less sense on anti-vaxx/anti-mask supporters. The fact that all of the Right Wing talking heads who act as if they support their cause are indeed are not only vaccinated, but wear masks as common sense dictates or the fact that they and all of those relatives have received vaccination ALL OF THEIR LIVES, to protect themselves and others. What next? Avoiding stop signs because it's your choice? Not wearing pants because it's inconvenient? I'll give you an opportunity right now to present a reasonable and logical excuse for not getting vaccinated or wearing mask. .... Time's up! There is none. And whenever someone speaks out, they are wrong. Just as with the flu pandemic of 1918 of which America just surpasses the toll of deaths, everyone who spoke out against vaccines and masks then, have been proven wrong. Why do we have have to learn this lesson again? There is no excuse. Wear a mask, get vaccinated.

RC Hinrichs


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