Franklin County Fire Department has responded three times in recent days to grass fires that have escaped the farmers who set them.

The first was Nov. 9, near 800 West Oneida in Preston. A few acres more than a farmer intended to burn caught fire, before the department was able to contain the blaze.

Then on Nov. 19, the wind wisked a grass fire out of the farmer’s control in Weston Canyon, near 5600 South on West HWY 36. It charred 20 acres before the department was able to put it out.

Last Saturday night, Nov. 23, the department responded to another grass fire at 3200 South 1600 West.

Burn permits are required at all residential fires in the county: weeds, garden and tree trimmings, branches, clean dry untreated wood, irrigation dishes and fence rows. The permits will be issued without cost.

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