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The September meeting of the West Side School Board, from Pledge of Allegiance to adjournment, took 15 minutes.

It was noted that the elementary’s back to school night was a success with 90% of the students showing up to meet their teachers and move into their new desks. {span}The middle school’s read-a-thon had a 99% turn-out resulting in a $1,000 donation in pledge money for middle school activities exclusively.

A note from LeGrand Leavitt, the high school biology teacher, informed the board that he has “been surprised to find that as I compare how much curriculum I have covered in the past years compared to this year with four-day weeks, I am at almost the same place. I believe this is due to the fact that I have been using class time more efficiently. I discovered rather quickly that lecturing for the entire class period is not effective. I have made adjustments to my lessons to break up the monotony. As a result, I have found that my class time planning and use has been more effective than in past years.”

On a minor note due to a complaint of trash being blown out of the school’s outside trash cans they have been repaired with new lids to prevent that from happening.

Superintendent Spencer Barzee spoke at length of the many niceties a new travel bus feature. It has reclining seats, USB charging ports and a decorative wrap around the exterior to provide it a nice bit of flair.

He said the school was able to afford such a nice bus through funds received in a settlement that Volkswagen was forced to pay the federal government after it was revealed that their new ‘environmentally friendly’ line of diesel cars were frauds rigged with Cheating Devices to get past the Environmental Protection Agency’s emissions tests. The settlement payments were distributed to each state and eventually, West Side got its own chunk of change. So whenever students travel on that bus, they can thank Volkswagen for getting caught with their polluting pants down.

The final tidbit of good news reported at the meeting was that there are no COVID-19 cases in the West Side School District.

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