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West Side had some good results including quite a few personal records by the Pirates at their home meet on March 25, where six schools participated including 3A Marsh Valley and a 4A Utah school, Green Canyon. It was chilly and a bit windy but the athletes were happy to be competing after not having a season last year. The team will travel to Sugar-Salem on Thursday, April 8.

The top 10 finishers for the Pirates were as follows:

Boys :

Cage Brokens 1st 100m (12.14) a personal record (PR)

Josh Reeder 1st 400m (53.61)

Bryler Shurtliff 3rd 400m (56.41)PR

Brentan Noreen 2nd 800m (2:13.26)PR

Parker Moser 3rd 800m(2:14.65)PR

Samuel Beutler 8th 800m(2:22.40)PR

Bradyn Noreen 4th 1600m (5:15.36)PR

Samuel Beutler 5th 1600m (5:17.21)PR

Bradyn Noreen 1st 3200m (11:15.00a)

Easton Henderson 1st 110m Hurdles (16.77)PR

Brennon Winward 4th 110m Hurdles (19.71)PR

Tanner Smith 9th 110m Hurdles (22.61)PR

Easton Henderson 1st 300m Hurdles (44.09)

Jaxon England 2nd 300m hurdles (44.66)PR

Brennon Winward 5th 300m Hurdles (49.58)

Tanner Smith 8th 300m Hurdles (52.38)

Bryler Shurtliff 1st High Jump (5-10.00) a school record (SR)

Jaxon England 2nd High Jump (5-08.00)

Ryan Lemmon 5th High Jump (5-02.00)

Easton Shurtliff 3rd Pole Vault (8-06.00)PR

Colten Gundersen 3rd Pole vault (8-06.00)PR

Owen Nielsen 7th Pole Vault (8-00.00)SR

Preston Grimm 7th Pole Vault (8-00.00)PR

Bryler Shurtliff 1st Long Jump (19-11.50)PR

Jaxon England 2nd Long Jump (18-11.00)

4100 Relay 1st Cage Brokens, Easton Henderson, Owen Nielsen, Easton Shurtliff (49.04)

4400 Relay 1st Easton Henderson, Brentan Noreen, Josh Reeder, Parker Moser (3:44.65)

4400 Relay 6th Brennon Winward, Tanner Smith, Kaden Telford, Ishmael Santos (4:09.75)

SMR 200-200-400-800m — [2-2-4-8] 1st Brentan Noreen, Parker Moser, Bryler Shurtliff, Josh Reeder (3:47.99)

Shot Put — 12lb

Andrew Olinger 1st (41-06.00)

Arron McDaniel 6th (31-08.00)

Discus — 1.6kg -

Andrew Olinger 1st (117-08)

Arron McDaniel 3rd (90-11)PR


Timberly Dean 6th 100m (14.75)PR -

Audry Gundersen 4th 200m (30.64)PR

Natalie Lemmon 6th 200m (30.91)PR

Ashlyn Willis 1st 400m (1:03.92)PR

Madalyn Barzee 5th 400m (1:07.14)SR

Eliza Olson 4th 800m (2:48.99)PR

Aubrie Barzee 1st 1600m (5:52.75)

Letti Phillips 1st 100m Hurdles (18.07)PR

Chloe Keller 2nd 100m Hurdles (18.28)SR

Alaina Telford 9th (25.40)PR

Letti Phillips 1st 300m Hurdles (54.18)PR

Timberly Dean 2nd 300m Hurdles (59.50)

Alaina Telford 5th 300m Hurdles (1:04.87)SR

Natalie Lemmon 4th High Jump (4-02.00)SR

Natalie Lemmon 1st Long Jump (13-09.00)

Chloe Keller 2nd Long Jump (13-07.00)SR

4x100 Relay 1st Chloe Keller, Letti Phillips, Marissa Clawson, Timberly Dean (56.66)

4x400 Relay 2nd Madalyn Barzee, Aubrie Barzee, Ashlyn Willis, Marissa Clawson (4:33.29)

4th Natalie Lemmon, Eliza Olson, Alaina Telford, Izabell Eldredge (5:09.24)

SMR 100-100-200-400m 2nd Letti Phillips, Chloe Keller, Madalyn Barzee, Ashlyn Willis (2:01.99)

Shot Put — 4kg -

5th Sydney Thain (21-05.00)

10th Alexis Hatch (17-11.00)PR

Discus — 1kg -

6th Sydney Thain (54-09)

9th Alexis Hatch (47-03)

Pole Vault -

1st Kynlee Beckstead (PR), Alaina Telford (SR), Madalyn Barzee (SR) — 7-06.00

4th Timberly Dean (6-06.00)SR

5th Aubrie Barzee (6-00.00)PR

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