Angela Beckstead and Janie Vahsholtz addressed Weston City’s last week about expansion of the 18-year-old Larsen-Sant Libray. The two are on a committee trying to raise awareness that the library, which serves all of Franklin County, needs to expand.

They passed out a pamphlet and played a video showing programs that are currently available through the library. When the library was built the structural elements needed to expand were included in the design, for example they put duct work in place for an expansion they hoped would happen in the future. They have set aside $500,000 to go towards the project but they still need $1.5 million.

Donations to a public library are considered a charitable contribution and can be written off on taxes. The library is its own taxing district controlled by a library board, which is working to eliminate the possibility that they might have to bond for their expansion project.

Steven Wood passed out a timeline of how the water project was going. The well is scheduled to be drilled at the end of April, and it should be operational by mid-October. Data gathered from the test well shows it should produce 300 gallons at 220 feet deep.

It was noted that the well will cost $20,000 less for the drilling and $39,000 less for work that doesn’t need to be done to reclaim the city park. Wood asked to come to council meetings every month so that the council can stay up to date. Wood also mentioned that there are 50/50 match grants available for irrigation projects. The council wondered about applying for one to be able to use irrigation water for the city park.

On an interesting water note Brandon Hadley plans to build a home next door to Brian and Janine Balls’ house who live up Weston Canyon at 5139 W Highway 36. There is a city water hookup that goes with the property and he was wondering about water pressure. Wood explained to Hadley that no one knew whether the water line was 2” or 4” and there may be low water pressure at that location. If there isn’t adequate water pressure for a home, Hadley can apply for a water line booster pump from the Department of Environmental Quality.

The water leak reported on last month has been found on Depot Street and repaired. There is still finish work to do but that is on hold until the weather warms.

Eight business licenses were renewed at the meeting. These licenses were for Becca Martin, Tad Seamons, Carl Koller, Tyson Campbell, Taci Watterson-Balls, Cliff Stokes, Scott Vahsholtz and Tyson Schvaneveldt.

The county is asking the city to formalize an agreement in writing about what amount the county and what amount the city will agree to pay to maintain Depot St., from where the county pavement ends over to the curb and gutter from First West to First East. The city hopes to split the costs with the county 50/50 for road maintenance. The offer is being sent to the county to see if that is acceptable.

Last month the council debated moving the city council meeting to another night and time but the issue forcing that transition has been taken care of and the meetings will stay the same, 7:30 the first Wednesday of the month.

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