Weston City Hall

The first item on Weston’s September City Council Meeting was Jack Olson’s Eagle Scout project. He wants to build a Gaga ball pit, which is a small octagonal arena and is a variation of dodge ball. In fact, that is the very ball it is played with. Players try to hit each other with the ball without picking it up or grabbing it, the goal of which is to be the last person standing to win.

Two of these arenas, made from wood, have been set up at the Harold B. Lee Elementary playground. The project will cost between $650-$1000. Olson plans to build them out of higher quality materials. The council suggested the $1,000 from the mayor’s challenge last October, be used to fund the project. One of the stipulations for the money was that it be used to help members of the community be more physically active.

The mayor reported that the water tests have comeback clean yet again. The city may be looking into a tree trimming service to reduce the size of some that have gotten a little too big along First East and First South.

The water tank project can now be completed. The hearing on the water rights for the new emergency well near the new tank came back in the city’s favor. The hope now is that the necessary work can be done before the snow falls. At time of writing Jay Fonnesbeck, who owns the land, has until Sept. 9, to appeal the decision in district court with the legal aid of an attorney.

Because the Woodward Country Store in Weston is a Sinclair gas station, owner Van Woodward has applied for the iconic green Apatosaurus to stand in front of the pumps. The council approved the idea. Woodward said the new display were two-fold: to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the store and the other was because his grandson kept telling him, “Grandpa you need a ‘dinosour.’” The council retold an incident 14 years ago in Smithfield, when that Sinclair’s Apatosaurus wound up on the roof of the local McDonalds restaurant.

Weston’s new dinosaur “will be on a leash,” Mayor Garner chuckled.

Note: The 3% levy noted in the August report of the Weston City Council was not to help pay for the water tank it was for a separate matter entirely. The Citizen regrets the error and any grief it caused.

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