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The Weston City Council meeting for the month of June was surprisingly brief considering a major holiday for the city is on the horizon, Pioneer Days.

The meeting began with an update on the well project. The control panel has been installed and is currently being integrated with the Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) system to better facilitate control. The well is currently pulling over 400 gallons per minute of water. There was a moment of levity following an unintended pun, when Mayor Greg Garner responded, “So the well was doing well.”

In other water news, the replacement of the fire hydrants throughout town is proceeding smoothly. These new hydrants are a step above the old ones for one simple reason, there’s no Old Faithful where the fire hydrant used to be. The new models have the actual valve down next to the waterline instead of above in the stereotypical hydrant. This prevents water loss in the event of an earthquake, severe cold, or the occasional drunk driver.

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