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The biggest issue of the Weston City Council meeting this month was the completion of the water project. The hold-up from last month was that the control panel and various parts for it couldn’t be found due to widespread shortages caused by the pandemic. Those have since been resolved and the control panel will be assembled by a licensed electrician on site in about two weeks.

The small generator located at the upper pump house was relocated to the well sites located west of the upper pump house to provide backup power. Sunrise Engineering consulted with a company to wire the generator at the well site. The original bid offered was for $7,000 but that was later increased to $24,000. The City of Weston opted to refuse the service and asked Sunrise to see if they can get a more realistic bid from other providers.

In other water news, the city will begin to replace the fire hydrants on May 24. The excess water share bids came in with only two bidders. The minimum amount for the starting bid was $238 with one party bidding $251 and the other doubling that at $508. 

Jace Keller came to discuss an email he sent to the council concerning the state of the city tennis court. The two parties discussed various options ranging from a simple resurfacing of the area to ripping it out and starting over. Keller suggested the latter option due to the number and size of cracks in the surface of the court, which seems to indicate that there was an underlying problem.

In other news, Michael and Sierra Rasmussen requested a subdivision of their property. Their lot at present is one acre and under the current city codes they cannot subdivide it into two half acre lots. That however is due to change since the city codes are being codified into a single cohesive document. Once that step is completed it will then be reviewed by a lawyer just in case something is incorrect or accidentally illegal.

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