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Dear Editor,

The total loss of life from all societal responses to COVID-19 is likely to be 90 times greater than the loss prevented by the societal restrictions being imposed upon us. (“Deaths Caused by Responses to COVID-19”, May 4, 2020,

Further, Dr. Jay Bhattacharya of Stanford’s medical school describes some of the ancillary damage resulting from bad COVID management by government – high rates of suicide and depression, delayed diabetes and chemotherapy treatments, and delayed immunizations for deadly childhood diseases like pertussis and polio. (“A Sensible and Compassionate Anti-COVID Strategy…” Imprimis Volume 49, No. 10, October 2020, According to the Imprimis article, in October, Idaho’s fatality rate from COVID was 0.13%, and the predicted ‘overloading’ of the nation’s hospitals never occurred.

After reading Representative Gibbs’ “Legislative Update” of Feb. 10, in The Preston Citizen, my questions are:

A. Does Representative Gibbs support Governor Little’s violations of the Idaho and U. S. constitutions that have occurred during Idaho’s COVID-19 management?

B. Does Representative Gibbs take his constitutional oath(s) seriously or perfunctorily?

C. With the low rates of illness and transmissibility in the under-60 population, why is the governor micro-managing attendance at high school athletic events? Representative Gibbs’ editorial seems to commend the governor’s micro-management.

D. Does Representative Gibbs believe that Idahoans are smart enough to know whether or not they should attend an athletic event or does he think that Idahoans need nanny state supervision to make those decisions?

E. Does Representative Gibbs support forced vaccines or does he support medical treatments which the patient agrees to voluntarily based on informed consent?

Unsupervised, concentrated power can breed corruption and miscalculation (e.g. nursing home deaths in Governor Cuomo’s New York). Does Representative Gibbs support the following remedial actions by Idaho’s legislature:

1. Pass legislation to restrict severely or to cancel the power of the governor and of unelected state health officials to issue an edicts if the edict violates the constitutional rights of Idahoans?

2. Pass legislation to make the legislature the sole authority for determining when it is in session?

3. Hold public legislative hearings to investigate Idaho's management of COVID-19 including:

a. Who advised the governor and were they competent?

b. What were the net effects, benefits versus harm, on Idahoans as a result of Idaho’s COVID management, have children been harmed unnecessarily?

c. Were the governor’s decisions or those of the healthcare bureaucracy unduly influenced by lobbying groups such as the ‘Idaho Association of Commerce & Industry’? In short - who profited and who did not from Idaho's management of COVID?


Franklin E. Wirsing


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