Winter raises its white head

Hail so fine it almost passed as snow fell in Preston on Sept. 11.

Snow dusted the highest peaks framing the eastern side of Franklin County during the night of Sept. 10, and early morning of Sept. 11. 

According to the National Weather Service there was enough precipitation and temperatures were cold enough across the higher northern mountains for two to three inches of snow today at those elevations. Accumulations later in the day will be minimal, but down in the valley, fine hail fell in some places.

Showers and thunderstorms will linger over northeast Utah and southwest Wyoming early this evening, followed by clearing skies across the outlook area later tonight. Fog will develop across some of the higher northern and central valleys late tonight. 

In the valley, the temperatures are expected to hover in the mid 60s, then increase each day until it reaches the 80s on Sunday. However, Monday, another storm front is expected to drop the temperatures into the high 40s.