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e-Edition How-to

Table of Contents



Login First

Make sure to login first by clicking the Log In button at the top right of the site.



How to find the e-Edition

Click View latest E-Edition in the header, left of the logo


You can also bookmark the following link:



Using the e-Edition

 The front page of the e-Edition will show a selection of the latest editions.


Select Edition

Clicking on any of the editions will bring up a screen showing the replica on the left of the screen and a table of contents on the right.

Click to View Article

Clicking any of the articles on the e-Edition on the left will bring up an easier-to-read version on the right.



Reading Options

The buttons at the top of the article will allow you listen to a reading of the article, print it out, share it online, or increase/decrease the text size for easier reading.




View Pages

Click the Pages button on the right to see a list of all the pages in the e-Edition.



View Editions

Click the Editions button to view the list of editions again.