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A blog post landed in my phone recently titled “You Do Not Have To Be Good,” by Courtney Martin. Intrigued, I read the post quickly and thought it was somewhat interesting, but the next day a conversation caused the title to creep back in my mind, so I reread it. Courtney doesn’t write about art, but if you read it, think from an artist’s perspective.

If you don’t have to be good, then you are free to be yourself. Liberated. For example, from early childhood and for a couple decades after, I used to try to draw the perfect horse. The horse had to look right or the drawing was a fail. Somewhere along the way (well into adulthood) I was attracted to other artists who were drawing and painting more freely; not only did their art seem more unique and personal to them, it also looked like they were having way more fun. So I let go and started drawing and painting more loosely.

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