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Numerous trails bisect the Bear River Range, offering a variety of scenery, distance and difficulty in getting to Tony Grove. Here are the best approaches for avoiding work areas during the road closure period:

BUNCHGRASS: This is a nicely maintained trail that begins about a half mile north of the Tony Grove road turnoff. Look for a long, wide pullout on the east side of the highway and carefully cross the road to find the trail, which follows Bunchgrass Creek then climbs over a ridge to meet up with the White Pine trail. Follow to the junction for White Pine Lake, then head left to climb up and over to Tony Grove.

Distance: 12 miles one way

Elevation gain: 2,500 feet

STEAM MILL: Turn onto the Franklin Basin road and look for a left turn (west) shortly after the road crosses the river. Follow it up a short incline and around a bend, then bear right to reach the Steam Mill trailhead, where camping is available. This route is a little shorter than the Bunchgrass Creek route and starts at a higher elevation, but the first few miles of trail are not as well maintained until you reach the Bunchgrass-White Pine intersection. From there, the route is the same as the Bunchgrass route. This is also a more desirable parking area for those hesitant to leave a vehicle alongside the highway overnight.

Distance: 11 miles one way

Elevation gain: 2,150 feet

HIGH CREEK: The most scenic route is also the most strenuous, as it climbs up and over the crest of the Bear River Range from the west. A long shuttle between here and one of the trailheads on the Logan Canyon side is also an attractive option. The last 1.5 miles of the High Creek Canyon road to the trailhead are not recommended for passenger cars, but most SUVs will not have a problem (if you can get through the first rough section just past High Creek Campground, you can get to the trailhead). The trail follows High Creek on an exceptionally scenic but steep hike to High Creek Lake, continuing up to the pass just below Naomi Peak and then downhill to Tony Grove.

Distance: 10 miles one way

Elevation gain: 3,800 feet

Contact the Logan Ranger District office at (435) 755-3620 for additional information.

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