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To the editor:

I recently wrote my congressman, and thought I would share a slightly condensed form with his other constituents. I hope others will write as well.

Dear Representative Moore,

Thank you for your service. You have been focusing on issues and not political theatre.

However, there is an area that does require you to stand up, take a stand, and be seen. On the January 6th anniversary, I was reminded of the insurrection and coup attempt, I have been terribly disturbed by the lack of condemnation and accountability by my Republican leaders.

I was impressed with your statements shortly after the January 6th attack. You were honest and clear in sharing what you had experienced. But I have not heard or read anything since.

I was very disappointed that you did not vote for the bipartisan committee to investigate to find out the truth of what led up to January 6th, what happened on that day, and what happened after. I believe you stated that it would be too political. However, not supporting an effort to find the truth is totally unacceptable.

I have been appalled that the Republican Party have minimized what happened and have not sought to hold people (particularly leaders) accountable.

While I believe the Republicans are correct on many issues, I don’t see the Republicans in general as a party with integrity and conviction. Their lack of taking responsibility for their own members to foment a riot and encouraging a coup is appalling.

Your unwillingness to be clear about supporting accountability, being outspoken about a fair and honest election that did in fact happen and acknowledging that it was in fact an attempted coup – tells me that it appears that you are participating with a herd of Republican enablers.

I have great respect for Mitt Romney, Adam Kinzinger, and Liz Cheney. These leaders lead. I understand you are a freshman congressman without the gravitas of an incumbent, but I hope it is not too late for you rise to the occasion and be honest and outspoken in these regards. If you are unwilling to call out an insurrection and coup, state the truth, and do what you can to hold people accountable — including your political peers who encouraged it, then you are just part of the rest of the partisan herd who are lacking fortitude and integrity.

This is the paramount issue for me. If you don’t have the fortitude and courage for such critical issues, then you are wanting. I will be looking for other options, other candidates that will “lead,” not follow.

I have high hopes for you and hope for your success. I wish you the best.

Danny Corbridge

North Logan

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