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Georgia Wheatley had a birthday party with nine or 10 of her friends. She is now officially 11 years old. The birthday party had a Harry Potter theme. They played games and ate a lot of food they thought Harry Potter himself would enjoy.

The party made the home really hectic since Kate and Everly both had friends come over as well.

On Saturday, Laura’s niece was baptized in Logan. The whole family attended the ceremony.

On Sunday, the Wheatley family visited both sets of grandparents. The Wheatleys and the Hendersons were very happy to greet them. Laura describes the weekend as “quite the weekend!”

Boyd Udy explained that he didn’t do much besides raking leaves, mending a few fences and riding his horses. All these activities take time and do keep a person busy. “There is always something to do on a ranch or around a home,” he says. “I like to keep things as neat as possible.”

Winnie Richman began making Christmas lists for Christmas cards, Christmas presents, and planning what to take for the coming Thanksgiving feast. She was asked to bring her good, cooked red cabbage, boiled and mashed rutabagas, green beans with shaved almonds and cans of jellied cranberry sauce. All these things are in her refrigerator, ready to be cooked.

Winnie reports having watched 14 Jazz games so far. They have won nine of those games. Coach Quin uses all his team members during a game, but uses the stars more in a close-scoring game than at other times. Winnie is always cheering at every basket and three-pointer that they make.

Orson and Jeannette Poulsen attended a dinner for the Good Sam Club. They enjoyed it very much.

Orson discovered two things about his “tupla.” One, it is spelled “cupola.” The other is that he built it way too big. He fixed it by adding a door and a perch to be used by his several turkeys. He now calls it a “turkey hutch,” like a coop.

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