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One day last week, some 150 seniors in Tremonton and the surrounding area who get their meals through the Meals on Wheels program received an unexpected but welcome surprise with their deliveries.

Each meal came with a colorful, fresh-cut flower, putting smiles on their faces at a time when warm, fuzzy feelings seem to be in short supply.

The special deliveries came courtesy of Bowcutt’s Floral in Tremonton. Owner Dawneen Marshall came up with the idea after thinking of a way to cut through the doom and gloom of everything surrounding the COVID-19 virus.

“It’s just been on my mind a lot this whole week, how people are so down,” Marshall said. “I know working with flowers every day, just that smell, something to brighten their day could be huge.”

It might seem like a small gesture, but it had a big impact.

“They were just trying to put a bright spot in everybody’s dreary days,” said Jenny Christensen, director of the Bear River Valley Senior Center, which operates the local Meals on Wheels program. “People were so thrilled to get those flowers.”

Marshall said she was receiving calls from those who received flowers, thanking her, some of them in tears.

“It’s really amazing the impact it has had on people,” she said.

The reaction from those people gave her another idea. On Friday, Bowcutt’s staff set up an impromptu display out in front of the store, fully stocked with some of the shop’s finest specimens. A sandwich board sign read “Take 2 – 1 for you and 1 for a friend.”

Marshall and her staff braved blustery, gray conditions that seemed to reflect the overall mood that has prevailed in recent days and weeks. Within about two hours, the store had distributed more than 200 flowers.

“We had cars backed up out front for a while,” Marshall said.

Many people aren’t in a position to go out and buy flowers these days, she said.

“Things are pretty tight,” she said. “We’ve got to help each other get through this and we’ll be OK.”

Like most industries, she said the floral industry is struggling with the effects of supply chain disruptions and other economic impacts, “but we need to try to do something to put smiles on peoples’ faces – just a little bit of joy.”

“It’s been a really uplifting day, even though we haven’t made money,” she said on Friday. “Helping people and seeing smiles – it was a needed day.”

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