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Laura and Zane Wheatley joined with the adults of Zane’s family to go out to dinner at the Black Pearl in Logan to celebrate Zane’s father’s birthday. Zane, Laura, Maquel and her husband, Mr. and Mrs. Wheatley, and Zane’s sister Megan, who came up from Arizona, all enjoyed a wonderful meal.

The Wheatleys’ youngest daughter, Kyra, is done teething for awhile and is enjoying a happier time now.

Laura took her girls to the park for the first time this year. It is within walking distance. After some discussion about whether to use their scooters or their rollerblades, the girls decided to use their scooters to get there. All had fun.

Jim and Starr Mitchell decided the weather was so good, they decided to go into their yard and clean up fallen branches and a few remaining leaves, and take them to the landfill. Starr says “it was enjoyable to get outside, however, I got my first mosquito bite of the season at the same time. They are hungry already.”

Jim and Starr’s granddaughters are thrilled the weather is nice enough for Starr to jump on their trampoline with them.

Gabi is learning to care for people less fortunate than she is. She wanted to go to the dollar store to spend some of her money on gifts for their children. She chose color books, crayons and easy-to-read books. Her class at school did so well on this project that they were allowed not to wear their school uniforms for one day. The gifts were given to the Gift Box House in Ogden.

Orson and Jeannette Poulsen drove to Salt Lake City to visit two of Jeannette’s sons and her grandsons. Orson says it was a good trip.

The Poulsen quilting cottage is moving along well. Orson has done several quilts there already. He says “now the living room is opened up, and we can eat at the kitchen table now.”

Boyd Udy’s cows are in full swing calving. He and his friends are still moving cow-calf pairs to another pasture to be sure the calves are getting and staying off to a good start.

Boyd continues to haul horses for granddaughter Kynzee and two friends to their 4-H club activities.

Kris and Boyd drove to Salt Lake City to visit Casey Udy and his family. The Udys enjoyed seeing Casey’s four boys.

Boyd comments “I’m sure enjoying the better weather now than in January!”

Winnie Richman is celebrating the blooming of her first daffodils. They are big and beautiful, and show promise of more to come. She has begun watering her flower beds. In spite of all the clouds, there has been no significant rain. “I enjoy watering and supplying something they need, even as they supply me with a change of pace and their annual beauty,” she says.

Wednesday, Winnie went to Logan to the funeral of Joyner Wells Lofthouse. He was a Promontorian, born and raised. He spent part of his early years with Clynn Richman and his brothers. He owned and operated several cafes in the Logan area throughout his life. He is survived by his wife, Margaret, and their three sons. He will be deeply missed.

Wednesday evening, Winnie joing son Aaron and his family at Maddox Ranch House to celebrate his birthday. It was a fun gathering. All the family was there.

Saturday, Winnie had visitors to see the ranch. They came in and spent time with Winnie before completing their look-see of her ranch.

Sunday, Winnie’s whole ward was invited to church. She went and enjoyed her hour there and meeting friends. She came home and took a nice, long nap before chores and her evening meal.

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