Zane and Laura Wheatley and their five daughters had a very nice vacation to the west coast of the United States. One of the most memorable activities involved wading in the cold Pacific Ocean. Two of the girls “tripped” and fell into the very cold water. “It was definitely a jacket trip,” Laura says.

Zane procured tickets for the family to go on a whale watching boat. They saw only a gray whale, but it was really big. The family also visited an aquarium in Newport, Oregon. There were too many displays to see them all and remember them, but the four older girls were very interested and excited to see them.

After the aquarium, the family went to a tide pool. There the girls got to touch a live starfish and a sea anemone and saw some other sea creatures.

The weather was wonderful, if chilly, and it only rained one day. Unfortunately for Zane, the rain came on the day he had reserved for fishing in the ocean. He did catch one fish, but came back very wet and cold.

Several other family members came on the trip in their own vehicles. Janie Wheatley (Zane’s mother) bought some shells and saved them until the little girls got to a beach to hunt for shells. She then scattered her shells so the girls could have a good, lively hunt for seashells on that beach. One of the girls found a broken sand dollar shell.

Laura says Nora should win a prize for the best traveler since she rode the second day coming home in her car seat for twelve hours without complaint. “It was a wonderful trip,” Laura says.

Sunday afternoon and evening Starr Mitchell sat in a comfortable chair in her kitchen shucking peas to eat and freeze. The eating peas will be steam cooked and shared with Jim. The other peas will be put into freezer bags for future meals. Starr says these are the earliest peas from their garden.

This week Starr and Jim enjoyed the first of their zucchinis. Although these were small, Starr says the smaller ones are good cooked and eaten as is. The big vegetables will be cut up or grated and frozen for future use.

Jim and Starr invited Starr’s brother Patrick over for dinner on two occasions. Starr served his favorite flavor pizza for one meal and some of her delicious tacos for the second meal.

When Starr took time to visit her two granddaughters at their home, she got to watch them on their trampoline. However, when a splash pad was added to the trampoline, Madi didn’t want to do it at first. Watching Gabi having so much fun changed her mind. When she got used to it, she didn’t want to stop.

Madi is learning to sing “Jingle Bells.” She is practicing almost non-stop to learn every word. It does get a little tiresome, but all hope something else will come along to take her attention.

Boyd Udy is playing with one of his baby colts. He likes to do this while they are young so they will be gentle when they get bigger.

Boyd is also mowing grass at the ranch and over at the plant. He says, “There sure is a lot of grass!”

Tuesday Winnie Richman attended her doctor-ordered physical therapy session. She is very glad to almost have her six weeks accomplished. The therapy people are very well trained and pleasant. They have a sense of humor along with the ability to get the most benefit out of every session. Winnie thanks Marc Larsen at Alpine Orthopedics Therapies and his staff for helping her begin to use muscles she hasn’t used for along time in order to strengthen her back.

Winnie and great friend Carolyn Carter went to their art session on Wednesday. Winnie receive the good news that she could sign her latest work. Carolyn made a good start on a new canvas of her granddaughters Kayla Mitchell’s graduation picture.

Friday Winnie had her yearly eye exam with Dr. Clark at Brigham Eye Specialists. He gave her the wonderful news that so far she doesn’t have macular degeneration after all! She has some little “things” on her macula that can be taken care of with in-office laser surgery. After healing, she will be given new prescription lenses. But she will be able to see better than she does now.

Sunday son Lyle came to the Double S Bar Ranch to measure Winnie’s two hay fields. She has decided to put an electric solar powered fence around them to keep the cows, horses, and hopefully deer off. She feels the animals grazed the hay and deprived her of too many hay bales for the coming winter. One of the pieces is new hay planted this spring. “I sure don’t want animal hoof prints in that!” she says. “Thank you so much, Lyle, for getting 6,000 feet done.” Winnie will purchase the necessary supplies later.

Church was wonderful. Several very youthful speakers contributed to the Sacrament program and did very well from their prepared talks.

Choir practice went very smoothly. The choir will perform “Distant Land” on the second week in July. Melanie Young, our new choir director, is doing great. She, along with Debbie Herdman, will definitely add to our knowledge and performance.