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Orson and Jeannette Poulsen joined with other members of the Good Sam Club and drove up to Heber City. They all wanted to ride on the Heber Creeper together. It was discovered that some rails on the lower end of the tracks were out of order, so the trip only lasted for about five miles. During the ride, the customers were entertained by a very talented violinist and a really good storyteller. Orson got to have an interesting conversation with the storyteller.

One of the parts of the storyteller’s conversation was about being retired. Orson says “I love being retired. I can choose what to do and when I want to do it.”

The Heber Creeper used to go to the lovely Bridal Veil Falls. It didn’t get that far this time; however, Orson and Jeannette have plans to go there in the future.

Jeannette joined friends at Marie Roche’s home on Tuesday instead of the usual Friday. As usual, they enjoyed a good visit and learned more about crocheting.

After school on St. Patrick’s Day, Laura Wheatley had crafts ready for all of her girls. They all composed a letter to the leprechaun asking to get more wishes. He wrote back telling them their first wishes are free, but after that they must catch him to get more. He said he really did appreciate the gold-wrapped chocolate coins the girls included in their letter.

The girls visited the dentist last week. They were well behaved. He discovered a small cavity in one of Kate’s teeth. They will return next week.

After church on Sunday, the family gathered ‘round and watched “Darby O’Gill and the Little People” for a Sunday activity. They all had fun.

Boyd Udy’s family cutting and chariot teams did good again at the races. The world finals will finish next week. Owen and Michael’s teams will run for the championships of their divisions. Boyd didn’t take a horse this week. He says it was very cold in Ogden for the races.

Boyd said the cows are about done calving, but there are always some calves that are born late.

Boyd and his granddaughter Kynzee and two of her friends are still active in their 4-H horse club. They are doing good. Son Tyrell from Montana calls on the weekends to say “Hi.” He and his family are doing good.

Winnie Richman was rummaging around in her spare room and discovered a new, unopened small puzzle. She grabbed it, opened it, and immediately began putting pieces together. She first sorted the pieces to discover edge pieces, then began putting the inside main features together. Progress came to a quick halt with lack of good, natural light. The next day, the outside light shining in was good enough to see, so she finished the puzzle. She worked for about two hours and achieved good progress. “I like these smaller puzzles!” Winnie says.

Aaron Richman came out and really helped Winnie. She needed to add extra string to a light in her basement washroom. He did that, then he put a new two-way fixture on her outside hose to make watering her flowers easier. Then he went down to feed the cows. After that, he did Winnie’s night chores. He and Winnie will both be glad to have the cows and their calves on the mountain soon. “Thank you, Aaron,” Winnie says gratefully.

Winnie is really excited about how beautiful her spring daffodils are. The ones under the small living room window are all yellow. There are so many she can’t accurately count them. To quote authoress Mary Balogh in one of her character’s voices, “They are golden trumpets of hope.”

The best thing is that there are other orange daffodils coming in her less well-protected garden. They are up with lots of leaves, but as of yet, no sign of budding flowers. Winnie will mark their locations so she can dig them up to replant this fall … like spread them out. She hopes this will give more and better nourishment for next spring. In the spacing out and replanting these bulbs, Winnie will probably add some extra potting soil to give them an extra boost.

She is looking in her planting catalogs to try to find some crocus bulbs. She thinks these little flowers come up even sooner than the daffodils. If she can find some, she will plant them away from her living room picture window to keep the snow falling from her roof from covering them up.

Winnie says she has high hopes for her irises to come up later. They are already showing their new leaves. She is expecting the usual dark purple, along with several red and a beautiful orange one, and a beautiful white one. Oh boy!

The Jazz lost a game last week; however, they are still on top of the NBA.

Happy Easter! And General Conference should be good, too.

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