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We have had another strange visitor in town, at least at our house. The family that lives downstairs heard a banging and crashing against their kitchen screen and window in the middle of the night. The father woke his 10-year-old son to come and help him, and they decided to act as detectives and find out just what was making the clamor outside.

It was one o’clock in the morning and they both went out in their bare feet and pajamas to find out what was going on. They pushed past the tree and plants out front and could see something moving around in the window well and slamming against the screen. Dad put the pillowcase he had brought out down in the window well stooped down and grabbed the animal and pulled it out.

They thought possibly it could be a mouse, rat or some other creature. Sure enough, it was the last choice and turned out to be a creature. They put it in a heavy plastic gallon jar and went to the computer. It turns out that it was a vole.

I had never heard of such a thing! Voles ares small rodents that are related to hamsters, but with a stouter body. They will eat dead animals and foliage, as in gardens. Voles are also known as meadow mice and they live about three to six months. They have blunt noses, small furry ears, dense brown fur and a tail with no fur. They are usually three to seven inches long. They create underground tunnels and crisscross your lawn and garden. How lucky are we that we end up with one right here practically in our house. This is just one more different animal that we have had in Portage this year.

I wanted to wish Joan Startin Happy Birthday. It was on July 21 and she had a son and daughter that visited her from Salt Lake on her special day.

Blaine Wright and family went on a camping trip to Newton Dam Friday last weekend. I believe most of their family went which includes four children, spouses and families. Everyone was having a good time, and then Saturday a lady came running into their camp saying there was a fire coming their way.

They had packed some things to start heading for home, but the packing took on a sense of emergency when they heard the warning. Blaine said you could smell the smoke and hear the fire emergency vehicles coming in, and learned later that the dead, tall grass was catching fire and moving fast. The cars were leaving as fast as they could from the other campgrounds. Firefighters were working so that the fire would not get to the wheat field that was not too far away.

Blaine had taken two trailers up there to save the spot, and he had to leave one there as he could not hook up two trailers to his truck — go figure. He works at the county landfill in Logan, so the next day he took his truck and after work went up to get the other trailer. Thankfully it was OK and the fire had been put down. So, at best it is something all of the family will remember for years to come about the fire heading for their camp.

We have a new little member of our family. He is a Pomeranian and is about 11 years old. He is having a blast being the head of the pack at our house. He weighs eight pounds and he loves it here already. His name is Scruffy and this morning he jumped up on my bed to wake me up. He loves to be snuggled and pampered.

Have a great week and be safe!

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