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Last week was Winnie Richman’s biggest week of the year. All the vaccinating, worrying, weaning, pushing feed, and more worrying about this year’s calf crop came to fruition in three days. With the help of Larry Ellis, his son Cody and Cody’s son Rylan, the cattle were sorted for keeper heifers and feeder steers on Sunday afternoon.

Monday afternoon Cody, Larry, and Rylan loaded the rest of the calves into Cody’s trailer and Winnie’s trailer to haul to Anderson Livestock Auction in Willard. The auctions men did good, kind work unloading the calves there and directing them to good feed and clean water.

Tuesday morning Winnie got up early, did chores, and drove to Willard to watch her calves sell. She did certainly misjudge their weights. She was glad when eight steer calves were grouped together at an average weight of 609 pounds, and nine of her heifers sold as a group weighing 558 pounds average. Her smallest calves weighed 404 pounds average weight. These all were much heavier than when they were weaned. Yes!

Wednesday was art for Winnie. She just went to show her class of artist friends her framed Christmas card picture. They all liked it. Her teacher Joyce Wally said it was the perfect frame. The frame emphasized the cold weather and the warmth of the family of snow people and their snow puppy.

Wednesday evening after chores, Winnie joined all of the Richman and Lofthouse family to wish Gayle and Linda Richman a happy winter in Southern California (just across the river from Las Vegas).

Thursday was a warm, but sad day for Winnie as she joined with her dear friend Carolyn Carter and family to have a graveside funeral service for Carolyn’s husband Dick. He was a good and friendly man and will be greatly missed.

Friday Winnie met with her hunt club president to mark the next fencing project they will do for her. All went well. They will fence and Winnie will love serving a big turkey dinner for them when they’re through.

Saturday the main deer hunt began. Winnie was glad for the people who came and lessened the deer population. Many hunters stopped by to show her their catches.

Sunday Winnie and Carolyn drove to Salt Lake City to the Capitol Theater to see the opera La Travista. They ate lunch first at the Chuck-A-Rama on 400 South between 700 and 800 East.

After the opera, the two friends went up to the University of Utah Hospital Neurological Critical Care Unit to see how Winnie’s sister Pam Apodaca was doing. The staff at the hospital awared Winnie her sister was improving. The admitting doctor also said Pam would recover. Winnie got home about 10 o’clock. Winnie thanks Lyle and Tony Gonzales for doing chores and watering and fixing a feed-trough panel for the calves.

Fall break at school was busy for Laura Wheatley and her sister Joann. They took all their children to the Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake City on Thursday. They had a good time. Nora, the Wheatley’s youngest daughter, was very good considering she was in her stroller the whole time. She really seemed to like looking at all the very interesting exhibits and animals. They had a late lunch at Joann’s after the trip. “It was a beautiful day,” Laura states, “not too hot, not too cold.”

Friday Zane’s sister Megan came up from Arizona with her family. The Wheatley family had a great family get-together in Hyrum at Zane’s sister Megan’s home.

Saturday Zane went deer hunting in the Deweyville mountains. Although he didn’t see anything, he had fun.

Orson and Jeannette Poulsen are putting the insulation in the quilting cottage. Jeanette did some quilting at home and some with her friends at the Thatcher church on Tuesday. The group also exercises together.

The Poulsen couple received the release from their Spanish-English Mission and was called to the Peterson Park Mission along the Bear River at the same time. They are excited about the call, but will miss the friends they have made.

Boyd Udy was excited about the coming URCHA big show next week. He has arranged for getting cattle on Wednesday-about 350 weaned calves for Thursday. He will need to receive 350 calves per day until the last day when things have slowed down a little. There are nice, big, lively calves that have just been weaned for about 45 days. Other than that, Boyd has just been keeping busy about the ranch at Promontory.

Starr Mitchell shot a two-by-three-point buck with a nice big body and lots of meat on opening day of the deer hunt.

The Mitchells have bottled several quarts jars of green tomato pickles, and four batches of Grandma’s chili sauce.

Starr reports Gabrielle is doing great at reading and punctuation, and has passed all her spelling tests. She is also doing well on picking out proper and common nouns.

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